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The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

Urban Outfitters Black Burnout Tank (similar), Levi's 501 Boyfriend Jeans, Sandals c/o LuLu*s 

I got the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans this past weekend and, you guys, I've been looking for a pair for forever. These are really, really it. Well, at least that I know of. I'm not gonna lie, I've already worn them 3-4 times this week (mainly right when I got back home from work), and it's been awesome.

My old apartment had a mighty fine balcony and I thought I wouldn't miss it much since I'd have a fire escape in my new one. Jeremy and I planned on celebrating our four-year anniversary earlier this week by eating take-out on the fire escape and then I realized that they aren't quite as comforting as balconies. Not at all. My fear of heights kicked in as I looked down and saw through all those shaky-looking metal bars and decided we'd just eat on the couch while watching The Princess Bride. No regrets.


  1. These do look quite nice. Also, congrats on four years!

  2. ahahh congrats on your anniversary, dear! :D

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  3. Happy anniversary! Your jeans are the coolest.


  4. I might check the Levis 501 because, like you, I've been looking for the perfect boyfriend jeans for aaaages. My old GAP pair doesn't quite do it for me and needs replacement. Also: Happy anniversary!! xo

  5. Hi jen,

    I think we might be the same size. What size did you get the pants in?


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