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Summer Weekends in Astoria

Marigold Crop Top c/o Pink Basis, Modcloth Watercolor Skirt (similar), Madewell Wooden Sandals (similar), Aldo Backpack (similar)

Lately I've been so busy both at work and with managing to get settled into the new apartment. It's only been a little over a week but it feels like Jeremy and I have been living here for way longer. To be honest, it's taking me longer than I thought to really feel comfortable and settled in, both with living in the new space and with living with Jeremy. I find myself focusing on the bigger picture and the long-term direction that this is taking me toward rather than enjoying what's real and right in front of us. But overtime, I think I'm really falling in love with being here, and falling in love with Jeremy in a new way.


  1. new spaces really put things into perspective a bit, don't they? i mean, i was still a young'n when my family did our first big move, but i remember just thinking a lot about what it all meant.
    but if the neighborhood in your photos is yours/close to yours, then you've got a nice one! love the photos, and the sunny outfit :)

  2. you look gorgeous! Living with a boy is interesting. I'm a newlywed and it's been pretty amazing living with my hubby but we're in this for life so the bumps may come but we're doing this!

    C's Evolution of Style

  3. I hope you start feeling settled soon. I've been in my new apt for a month now and still don't feel quite used to it. Anyway I love love love your sandals and you look beautiful as always!


  4. awww.. im glad things are turning well for you, dear!
    loving this hair on you.. so effortless and chic!

    Animated Confessions

  5. I had a bit of trouble adjusting when my boyfriend moved in with me. It was weird to have someone else around all the time, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. Focusing on the present can be hard, but you've got to live in the moment. Good luck in your new place! :)

    Also THOSE SHOES. Love them.

  6. AAAH! I am firstly so so happy that you're re-falling in love with Jeremy--much better to hear than the latter. If you all can live together, imagine what all you can do! Climb mountains and shit, like goats, HECK YEAH.

    SECOND. This skirt is the CUTIEST! I love it with the yellow and those clog heels of yours... I have been forever coveting those, I hope you know.


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