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Twenty Four is Looking Good | Wishlist

2. One Kings Lane Colorblock Duffel Bag
3. Hat Attack Knit Gloves
4. Sam Edelman Zachery Cut-Out Heels 
5. J. Crew Striped Tee
7. One Kings Lane Tray
In a week I'll be 24 years old and I'm so excited my butt might fall off. That's right, my butt. And that's not a good thing since I don't have much butt to spare. But regardless of the fear of losing my butt, I'm so damn excited. Growing up, 24 was always my ideal age; you're far enough into your 20's for people to take you seriously but you're only starting to enter your mid-twenties so there's no risk of falling into any quarter-life crisis (I bet I just jinxed myself). Plus, it's an even number and even numbers rock. A lot.

So in honor of aging, here's me being materialistic and listing out some things I'd love to find underneath my birthday tree (if that's even a thing, because it should be). 


  1. 24 was my quarter life crisis year, but it was also a good year overall. Happy Birthday!

  2. loving the functionality of the items in your wish list!!! advance happy bday, jen!!! :D

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