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Recipe | Egg White Omelet with Goat Cheese + Avocado

One of the best parts of lazy weekends is having the time to make breakfast. I definitely don't pay enough to one of the most important meals of the day (that's not saying much since every meal is important to me, including the in-between meals), but the weekends is when I really put it in the spotlight. I tried this super quick and easy omelet recipe this morning and my taste buds were so pumped that they were high fiving each other. It has a pretty creamy texture and an extra kick to the flavor thanks to the cilantro.

Egg White Omelet with Goat Cheese + Avocado
Serves 1

2 Egg Whites
2 tsp Heavy Cream
Olive Oil
1/2 Large Avacado
Salt + Pepper
Crumbled Goat Cheese
Fresh Cilantro
Optional: Chili Powder


Whisk together two egg whites and two (2) tsp of heavy cream. To separate egg whites from the yolk, simply break the egg in half and gently pass the yolk between the two shell halves until all of the egg whites drip into the bowl.

Add the egg mixture to a small pan with a light coating of olive oil and cook it over medium to low heat. Add some salt and pepper to the egg while cooking and flip the egg over once it's at your desired level of done. Once both sides are done, slide it onto a plate and add the sliced avocado and crumbled goat cheese to one side of the omelet. Fold the omelet in half and top generously with fresh cilantro and a dash of chili pepper for an extra kick.

Happy Nomming! 


  1. I love omelettes! This recipe is a great take on the classic :)

  2. this looked yummilicious!! avacado is my fav, cheese is my fav too! i think this might be one of my most like breakfast meal.

    xo joselovincolors

  3. This looks so delicious and pretty easy to make! I love a good omelette. Hope you've been well and had a good holiday. x Jenn | Every look tells a story.


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