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When a Sweater Kicked Some Ass

Urban Outfitters Red Knit Sweater (similar), Love Culture Striped Pencil Skirt (similar), H&M Black Thigh-High Socks (similar), Black Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Mini-Backpack (similar)

I have an entire section of my closet dedicated to my small collection of loyal sweaters and, surprise surprise, they're all within the neutral color palette. It was as if my sweaters all came to an agreement that only the grays, browns, and blacks were acceptable and all other colors got the "You Can't Sit With Us!" treatment. But this bright red sweater is a bad ass motherfucker and it gives no shits, so it MADE room in that fluffy little pile. It made room and then it dominated.

Welcome, new favorite sweater.


  1. This sweater does kick ass it's gorgeous! So vivid and pretty x

  2. Love love love the red on you! Ah such a beautiful look! I think I have said it before but stripes are always the way to go :)

    Sophie xx

  3. This outfit is SO cute! So cute! I really love the red sweater!

  4. you know what? i think red suits you a lots better!! the color shine on you and you looked extremely happy with the red too.. i guess you found your color.

    xo joselovincolors

  5. You look stunning as always! Love your skirt :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  6. hello poster child for chunky knit sweaters!! i love how you paired it with that skirt and knee high socks!! :D

    Have a great week!

    |Animated Confessions|

  7. That sweater looks like the coziest thing on the planet. I want.


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