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Getting Hungry Tonight + Cute Dogs

Navy Boyfriend Coat c/o StyleMoi (similar), H&M White Striped Tee (similar), H&M Oatmeal Sweater (similar), Black Tanya Jeans c/o Level 99 Denim (similar), Olive Ankle Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), Beyond the Stars Ring c/o Kitsch (similar)

Tonight is the night. HUNGER GAMES. I have to admit, I used to be insanely reluctant to jump on the Hunger Games boat, mainly because everyone was raving about it and I didn't want to join the bandwagon. Then two of my best friends went to go see the first movie without me and insisted that I wasn't allowed to come since I hadn't read the book first. That's when I furiously rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a book, and fell in love with it. And now, look at the monster that I've become. I'm seeing the final movie on the day it comes out.

Well, technically, it's the day before it comes out. Instead of premiering at midnight, some movie theaters have started showing it as early as 7 PM the day before, to give themselves even more opportunity to earn that cash money. It does take away the excitement from seeing a movie at midnight for the first time; then again, I'm not complaining and you will find me eagerly sitting in my seat with a massive amount of greasy, buttery popcorn.

Also, I spotted a cute dog strutting past me and this is how I react to cute dogs:


  1. hahah, adorable gif. image :P
    And I'm a huge fan of The Hunger Games!
    I'm reading the final 3rd book and I'm drooling
    over the action inside the story, so good!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  2. LOL at that last gif. I have so many photos of myself making weird faces, it's ridiculous.

    I love the contrast of the navy coat with the pinkish brick wall.

    I hope you enjoy the movie! Well... I'm not sure 'enjoy' is the right word here. I read the books and had nightmares for months — which wasn't unexpected because reading the WIKI summary for them had traumatized me years prior. But Mockingjay, man, I am not subjecting myself to that again — on screen or off.

  3. I'm so excited about the last movie!!! We won't be seeing it until next week, but I'm still looking forward to it so much! I'd love to hear your thoughts about it when you've seen it! I actually think it was wise of your friends to make you read the book first, I actually saw the first movie the first time without having read the book and I didn't quite like it then, but after I've read the book I loved the movie too!! I think I was just expecting her to go in to the arena and was a little disappointed when she didn't for half the movie, but after having read the book, you kinda see the importance of the time before the arena, and it became my favorite part!
    And that dog reaction is so me as well, haha!

    Filippa ⎮

    1. I think they did a pretty good job with the last movie for the amount of emotion they had to fit into it alongside all the violent scenes. Not the biggest fan of a few scenes but the acting overall was beautiful and I still cried all the tears and felt all the feels. Let me know how you like it when you get around to seeing it!!

  4. aaww you're too cute!!!
    i read all the hunger games books too!!! so good! :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  5. hahahahaha i love that gif of you. so expressive, instead of the normal "awwwwwwww" face people make when spotting a cute dog (myself included). cute outfit! i love how red lipstick suits you.

  6. Loving the photography! I can't wait to see the new HG movie!

    Anika |


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