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"Jen, Stop Talking."

Forever 21 Gray Longline Coat (similar), Madewell Rust Cardigan (similar), H&M Black TurtleneckH&M Gray Knit Skirt (similar), Urban Outfitters Fleece-lined Tights, Brown Combat Boots c/o LuLu*s (similar), H&M Gold Curve Bar Necklace (similar)

These photos were from a few weeks ago, back when winter storm Jonas had just finished wrecking havoc on the city. By now the snow has already melted and it has been replaced with a bitter, windy cold. I'm pretty sure I preferred the winter wonderland to the chills being sent down my spine and through my chattering teeth.

But what's a bigger deal? I'm wearing a necklace. I'm the biggest slacker when it comes to wearing jewelry and I never accessorize beyond my usual set of rings and the earrings I wear every single day. Honestly, it probably came down to not wanting to put in the extra effort to match yet another piece to my outfit. But this necklace I made an exception for since it's pretty perfect in so many ways. It's just the way I like all my jewelry: gold, minimal, and an anti-statement piece.

I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to say, "In many ways, my taste in jewelry reflects who I am as a person." But that's just absolute crap as I'm more flesh than gold, loud and annoying, and unintentionally usually a statement person (mainly after a few drinks). Which now makes it a perfect time to say, with my pinky up in the air, "In many ways, my taste in jewelry contradicts who I am as a person."

Which then makes it a perfect time to say, "Jen, stop talking."


  1. I love your outfit! Great look!
    I've been delighted by the quality of the posts. Really nice work.
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  2. i really like that necklace detail! small piece but eye catching! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  3. Beautiful outfit. I often tell myself I'm just channeling Coco Chanel and editing myself when forgo accessories but's just laziness.

  4. I'm in the same mindset with jewelry! My go-to is a watch and a ring if I remember where I put it haha but I do wear statement necklaces to spice up boring work outfits. & I'm with you on the weather! Power to you if you take outfit photos in this bitterly chilling cold!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  5. Loving this outfit! That rust colour is perfect this winter xo

    Meghan of Boho Nouveau

  6. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT, I wish i can stya in country with 4 seasons instead of tropical :( so i can explore more on mix matching outfit just like yours ! and anyway i love your blog as this is the first time i visit your blog !!

    that little detail necklace quite put on a classy look on your outfit , so its perfect !

    btw, mind to follow each other on social media and be friend?
    would appreciate it so much :D

    Love from Indonesia !


  7. Such a happy face...Lovely pictures as well ; )

  8. I think the last photo is my favorite - you are incredibly photogenic. This post popped up on my feed and I was like, "Yep, that's the Forever 21 long coat!" Also love that rusted cardigan. Actually, dig the whole outfit.

    I'm sort of the same with jewelry. I own quite a bit, but just never seem to put in the effort to accessorize.


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