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The Classics with Rothy's

I know I say this over and over again, but the older I get the more I stray from trendy pieces and trade them out for classic, high-quality pieces. Half of it, honestly, is being too lazy to keep up with what's "in" and "fresh" these days. The other half is having quality pieces that don't fall apart in seconds that can still be worn years down the road, making the price tag worth it. I wish teenage Jen had that kind of mentality so I wouldn't have gone through so many shirts that read "Abercrombie & Fitch", because we all know how cool that was back in the day. Wearing those shirts definitely didn't make me any cooler if we're being honest with ourselves.

By now I've invested in classic denim, like my beloved 501's, some tops, and some coats. But dude, am I slacking in the shoes department. I always think to myself, I wear them almost every single day so they're bound to get ruined quickly no matter what...why buy nice shoes? SO WRONG, GRL. It makes all the difference. Like 100% of the difference. With good quality shoes, my heels and soles don't hurt, which ultimately means my back doesn't hurt, which ultimately means I'm a pretty happy Jen. Oh, and even if my shoes get dirty (because I'm a horrible shoe-wearer), they'll still keep on strutting along for years. Yus.

I've finally invested in some top notch black boots and now I've got my classic pair of black flats (that aren't those cheap $20 ones that are made of super cheap faux suede). Rothy's is blowing my mind with these flats because not only are they incredibly comfortable (seriously like little foot clouds) and fit like a dream...but the fiber is made of 100% recycled water bottles. Guys, I'm wearing water bottles on my feet and it's so confusing but it's also so beautiful. That also makes them pretty damn breathable and able to survive in moist situations (heh heh, moist).

Check 'em out because they're 100% worth it. Excuse me now while my feet go cuddle their Rothy's and my eyes go feast on their Instagram.


  1. Love this outfit, Jen!
    You look like a blues jazz singer, you should sing in jazz clubs ;)
    Hope the weather comes soon for you to wear those flats out!

    Alive as Always

  2. ohhh, they look so good! And I love this look on you.

  3. I used to be the same way, but then I invested in a great pair of booties, and now I believe in high quality!! Recycled water bottles, you say?? Sign me up! They're super simple and cute!

    Lauren Lalipop

  4. I was once like you too Jen, and now I prefer to pay a bit more
    for better quality! Love your classic and basic look c:
    Xx Ice Pandora

  5. GIMME THOSE PAIR OF JEANS! Love love LOVE this look on you Jen! Do you remember all of those "trendy" items we got for DD? Haha! For next time, we gotta buy a classic piece that we'll wear for a long, long time :)

    be the plebeian

  6. Really cute style! I wish I could getaway with wearing that! :)

    A Day in Durham

  7. I love your happy face! have a nice day

  8. There is nothing wrong than sticking to the classics. Better yet, making those classics your own. You look so cool and friendly wearing even just these basic clothes and I love it. :) Much better than looking like a pretentious snob :D

  9. Dear good, you are wearing two of my all time favorite classics! 501's and black turtleneck. + the Eco-friendly shoes. Love this so much!

  10. yeah, slay girl!!! those flats are such a versatile piece!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  11. I love both trendy and classic pieces, especially shoes. These look like amazing flats. I love that they're made with recycled water bottles, and they sound so comfortable!

  12. You look very Parisian, Jen. Love this outfit. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. No girl, you gotta invest in the shoes! I have leather shoes that I've had for seven years and they're still in awesome shape. Shoes and coats are really the only thing I'm good at investing in. As for dresses, skirts, and tops... well, I'm getting there. But I feel you. It's hard to keep up and lately I just want to be comfy in what I'm wearing and knowing it will still be wearable in a week.

  14. How cool! Love that it is all recycled material!

  15. I am 100% behind you on the shoes. I have a pair of Rachel Roy boots I got about 5 years ago. They are worn to pieces, but still extremely comfortable and my go-to in the winter. I still get compliments on them all the time and I've yet to find a pair that holds a candle to them.

    I stray from trendy pieces now, too. It makes me feel really old, but they're more high maintenance to style. TBH, I do look at them and think, "Am I too old to wear that? Will I just look stupid?" It's all about the *shudder* classic pieces now.

  16. love these shoes!!! nothing more perfect than a pair of black flats...always classic.
    p.s. your hair looks adorable like this :)

  17. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  18. Why are you so cute?! Also I'm with you on investments vs. trend. It's a slow process to learn, but damn does it feel good.

  19. Love this! It's funny though, because I would consider 501s and black turtlenecks to be the very trendiest outfit these days- this exact combo is all over instagram and streetstyle blogs. But definitely a move in the right direction for sustainable, anti-fast fashion!


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