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Kids These Days

Gap Black Overalls (similar, similar), H&M Striped T-Shirt (similar), Joe Fresh Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Textured Mini-Backpack (similar), The Point c/o Rothy's

The other day my co-worker mentioned how all the kids these days were starting to bring back trends of her childhood, such as flared jeans and overalls. Then earlier this week, I sneakily sauntered into the office wearing these bad boys. To some degree, I'm the kids these days. Not to mention the pair of corduroy flares I got in the mail the other day.

Then again, just yesterday I finally learned about the "Damn, Daniel!" meme that's taking over the internets lately and I thought to myself, "Kids these days." It's just a never ending cycle of people aging and shaking their heads at the youth.

I'm pretty sure this means when I'm old and gray and I look at the teens of the latest generation I'm going to be absolutely flabbergasted and I'll just lose it with all the exclamations of "Kids these days" bouncing around my mind until I need to recede into a dark hole of the good ol' days.

Or there's a slight chance that I'll stay in the know and roll with the hippest of teens, regardless of my age. But...probably not. Most likely not.


  1. This is such a gorgeous look.....i love the overalls!

  2. Obsessed with your overalls.


  3. Those shoes are perfect :)

  4. haha! this made me laugh!! You look fantastic in overalls! As a sixteen year old... if it makes you feel any better I just found out about the meme, too! ...the sad thing was that it was on Ellen and she was all, if you haven't heard of this meme then where have you been?? and I was like, oooops?

  5. You look so cute and lovely in those overalls, just like kid would. Love the red flats, too.

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  6. Ha!!! i can totally relate!!! :D the damn daniel kid was on ellen the other day and i was like what was the big fuss on this?! but really, it's just that I'm getting old, hahaha!

    anyway, love the overalls!! super cute!

    Have a great day!
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  7. I could rock it like Betty White; scoff at youths but still be hipper than everyone else on the block. #goals


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