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"See Ya, Moisture!"

Forever 21 Brown Dolman Wrap Coat (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Cardigan (similar), Red Polka Dot Dress c/o SammyDress (similar), Anne Klein Sheer Tights, H&M Knee High Socks, The Flat c/o Rothy's, Urban Outfitters Black Suede Tote Bag, Forever 21 Black Knit Gloves (similar)

I never thought I'd be able to wear a pair of flats in the snow (or rain) but Rothy's has granted my wish and made the impossible possible. Well, I'm not saying I would tell you to go trekking in a foot of snow with these bad boys on...but they kick ass in light rain and snow. Apparently the fiber made out of recycled plastic bottles helps the flats wick away moisture.

Also I apologize for talking about and using the word moisture. Actually, no I don't. I never understood the dislike and distain for the word moist. Moist. I actually kind of like the way it leaves my mouth. MOIST, heh heh.



  1. Oh man, I used to wear flats in EVERY type of weather, even in the snow, but after a few frozen toes, I've stopped wearing them completely but you're really doing a great job of convincing me to buy these shoes LOL

    Lauren Lalipop

  2. That's crazy! Your feet don't look completely soggy! Hopefully they're not too cold though :) You look lovely! :) xx

  3. I love that coat next to the polka dotted blouse. And I think you are funny. Moist! :)
    Come & see my blog:

  4. Haha moist. You actually made me say it out loud a few times just to hear what it sounds like. :P Cute outfit and love the flats!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  5. Oh I am in love with your coat! I have been looking far and wide for my perfect trench! Yours is beautiful!



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