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Butts in Denim 4 Lyfe

I would like to dedicate this blog post to butts everywhere. I mean, really, what would we do without them? How would we manage to sit comfortably without those two pads of fat, regardless if you've got a huge, voluptuous donk, or if you've got a petite, barely there donk? What would we shake during those late nights out at "Da Club"? What would we slap to say a hearty congratulations without words? I don't know where my recent butt obsession came from, but over the last few years they've squeezed their way onto my Top 10 list of my most favorite things in the world. Without a doubt.

Forever 21 Denim Jacket (similar)Urban Outfitters Grey Knit Crop Top (similar)Madewell 10" High Rise Skinny Jeans in LydiaConverse White All-Star Canvas Sneakers, What Time? Watch c/o Rakani Watches (similar)
On a related note, and going along with my quest to invest in quality, long-term pieces of clothing this year, I've hooked myself up with some skinny jeans from Madewell. Let me tell you guys, I'm head over heels in love and it's hard to not wear them everyday. But the reason I mentioned this, is because these jeans have given me to ability to have a dope looking butt, if I do say so myself. It looked dope enough to warrant an up-close shot of this denim-clad butt (Jeremy was a bit confused with my request for this photo). My butt has never looked this good and, damn it, I'll be proud of it until the day I die, even if it is only a temporary illusion. Thank you, jeans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...and the bottom of my butt.


  1. Love this look denim on denim!! <3

  2. hahaha! you do look fan-tastic in them! makes me want to buy a pair (or three or eight!) RIGHT NOW!!'re blog posts have that effect on me! ;)

  3. SOLD. I suffer from Asian butt (super small and flat). Jeans are such a struggle! You've got a great figure. #blessed

  4. Okay, I just discovered your blog and this post just got me hooked!! What an idea, hommage to the butts haha. I really like your style, in this outfit the denim on denim looks really en point and fresh! Perfect for spring.
    Unfortunately my favourite pair of jeans with a similar enhancing effect like yours just passed away, so I'm on the hunt for a new one ;)


  5. rocking the denim on denim!!!! yay for butts!! you got such a cute one, haha!

    Have a great day!
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  6. Love that denim on you! cool and comfy!

  7. These jeans look amazing on you! I'm loving this spring outfit! :) xx

  8. Very stylish and comfy look!


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