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California Road Trip | Day 3/10: The Water Tower Loft

Madewell Lo-Fi Tee in Stripe, Madewell Brown Cropped Cardigan (similar), Madewell High Riser Skinny Jeans in Lydia

After a eight hours of driving to and from the Avenue of the Giants, Jeremy and I made our way back south and stopped by the quaint, little town of Elk. It only has a population of barely over 200 people and it had such a lovely small town feel to it. For dinner we ended up finding an incredible and underrated barbecue place, The Q (just a short drive out of down), in order to fill our bellies to the brim for a good night's sleep.

Instead of opting for a typical motel in the area, we decided to stay at The Water Tower Loft, the coziest airBnB. Not only was the entire place Pinterest worthy (because this is obviously super important when picking lodging) but the hosts, Robert and Elsa, were insanely welcoming even without their physical presence. The record player was on when we walked in and there was fresh zucchini bread waiting for us to devour. 

Now if only I could live there forever, please.  


  1. What a lovely loft! I really should try out an AirBnB soon huh o:
    The town name is quite funny, Elk means 'which/each' in Dutch :P
    Xx Ice Pandora

  2. your loft is so cool!love all that natural light streaming through the windows.

  3. What a beautiful loft!

  4. awesome loft! looks very pretty. and you looked charming as well

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

  5. Oh, man, it's the little things, isn't it? Zucchini bread and a record to welcome you home sounds so cozy! I mean, I just love that so much... Like, those things were totally optional and unnecessary but totally make an experience a thing - blog post worthy, even!! <3

    The experience might have been cool but those little things boosted it to exceptional. (they even got a little free advertising from you!!) Sounds like a totally fantastic place!! I love your pictures!!

  6. Omg these pictures are so freaking adorable! Love :)

    Enclothed Cognition/Bloglovin

  7. That loft is the cutest! Wouldn't mind staying there! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  8. Ah such a cute post - loving the pictures and you look so lovely too!

    Layla xx

  9. Oh Wow! Jen, this is a splendid loft....And your photos are simply superb ;-)

  10. that space is STUNNING!!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  11. What a darling loft!! That sounds like a great idea to try something different than a typical hotel!


  12. These photos are so lovely - it sounds like you guys just had the best time. Really overdue for a road trip myself!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  13. Amazing photos!

  14. I've never tried Airbnb before, but WOW it looks like it really worked well for you :D The hosts were so thoughtful! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  15. So very pinterest worthy! You coordinate so well with the decor you should probably just never leave.


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