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California Road Trip | Day 5/10: Big Sur

On Day 5, we left my parent's house and ventured down towards Big Sur to continue on our Pacific Coast journey. My parents decided to join up until lunch so we had some extra time to spend together exploring and getting into shenanigans. Big Sur was on the top, top, top of my list for this road trip so I was getting way too excited as we made each bend and turn along the narrow coastal highway.

The first stop was the Calla Lily Valley; at first we weren't sure where to stop along the highway so we just picked a random entrance that seemed right and crossed our fingers. Initially, we only seemed to see purple wildflowers and succulents but then Jeremy and my mom wandered down the steep hill only to find SO MANY LILIES YES YES YES. We came at the perfect time of year where they were starting to bloom and my mind exploded from the sheer, raw beauty of the valley. Then I had to spend a good ten minutes trying to pick up the pieces of my brain and put it back together.

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The valley also led us down to miles of pristine, white sand beaches where we spent even more time just frolicking and being joyous because life just couldn't seem more beautiful here. But time was ticking and we had our lives to live, so instead of staying put and building a life together in the Valley of "This-Is-Amazing-I'm-Crying", we continued on our journey.

Of course our Big Sur journey wouldn't be complete without a tourist-filled stop to see the Brixby Bridge from afar, before driving across it. The Brixby Bridge is one of the highest bridges in the world and is pivotal in linking the north and south of the coastline. Just getting close to the edge of the insanely steep cliffs had my life flashing before my eyes. We didn't stay for long as we were all getting butterflies in our stomachs so we reluctantly departed and settled in at Nepenthe for a goodbye lunch.

Jeremy and I spent the rest of the afternoon finding hikes along the coast. The first hike was down towards Partington Cove, which deceptively didn't house any mermaids (unless they were hiding from my human eye, which is very likely). The coolest part about this cove was that you had to actually walk through a tunnel carved into the mountain in order to get to the water, which was so blue you wondered how it could be so pollution-less.

Our second hike before settling down for the night was at McWay Falls. To be honest, after seeing the waterfalls in Iceland (here and here) it was hard to be very impressed. But then I took the stick out of my ass and appreciated it nevertheless. Unfortunately, this is when my camera died, but it gave me a refreshing break to just enjoy it and I managed to avoid being one of the other million tourists trying to selfie stick it with the waterfall down below.


  1. You look so cute and the pictures are so fun!!


  2. You look amazing, such a nice photos and places

  3. Gorgeous photos, this looks like an absolute dream
    Glad you were able to appreciate the views away from the camera too!

    What Raj Wants

  4. looks like you had a beautiful time. the photos are really nice. so your folks always lived in Cali? or were you raised in NJ?

    M.Dee |

    1. For the most part, I was raised in NJ; however, I used to live in California for 3 years when I was younger. :)

  5. I love the excitement of your trip to Big Sur, it really shows on the pictures. They are really giving me chills, one day I want to tick Big SUR off my travelling list as well!!



  6. I swear, your travel posts are the best Jenn! You always make me laugh with your touch of humor and the photos are breathtaking. That walk through the tunnel to the blue water sounds spectacular!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Visit my YouTube channel!

  7. I loved McWay Falls and the Bixby Bridge when I was in Big Sur! Can't wait to go back there this fall. If you're in the area again, you should try to go camping at the Big Sur campgrounds. They have some of the best in the area.

    The blue of the ocean out there is quite beautiful. It really helps you feel removed and calm, doesn't it?

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

  8. I love you guys dancing!! You are the cutest! lovely lovely dress as well as location! You make me want to travel so dang badly!

  9. It looks such a great day at Big Sur! Unfortunately when we drove the coast three weeks ago, it was thick with fog and didn't get much of this gorgeous view. However, the fog added some mystique to the beauty of the California coast.

    I'm sure it was great hanging out with your parents at Big Sur :)

    Enjoying your blog!


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