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Thunderstorms + Amateur Hikers

This past weekend, Jeremy and I decided to go on an overnight hike near the portion of the Appalachian Trail found by the Delaware Water Gap. We ignored weather reports of thunderstorms and weather over 90°F and packed up our enormous hiking backpacks, hoping for the best.

We've never done an overnight hike before, so this was going to be some adventure for us. We decided to play it safe and camp on a reserved platform close to the main lodge.  This gave us a chance to focus more on testing out our new equipment and figuring out how to cook with a tiny, portable stove, instead of focusing on how to just survive in the wilderness and not get eaten by bears. And lo and behold, we managed to set up our wonky, amateur-made tent literally a few seconds before the thunderstorm hit us and we scrambled like idiots into our tent to stay dry and hope for the best.

But all in all, with a few early summer burns on our shoulders, we got to squeeze in some incredible, rocky hiking (aside from all the millepedes that decided to terrorize me) and even a few hours of kayaking on Catfish Lake (no, we did not see any catfish). A long weekend well spent, and now I'm back to cuddling Bubba so hard it's like we're one single being.


  1. As a NYer myself who has been itching to try to go camping, I'm curious for more details- how did you get up there? Renting a car? What kind of equipment did you bring? Where did you end up staying?

    1. Sorry for getting back to you to late, Naila! We rented a Turo car (picked it up in Jersey, since it's not allowed in NYC) and made the drive up to the Delaware River Gap. We invested in two 30-40L hiking backpacks on Amazon so it would be easy for us to lug our equipment around the city (as well as while we were actually hiking). A two-person tent, sleeping bags, and 2-3 sets of clothing fit comfortably, especially being able to strap things to the outside of the bags, which is a game changer!

  2. wooahh.. I've never heard of overnight hiking (at least in my part of the world). that's so cool!! and seriously, you don't look like idiots at all. #pros.

    Have a great week!
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  3. Nice photos! Great post!

  4. We drove past Delaware Water Gap so many times but never stopped or hiked there. Looks wonderful. I'd have to add that to my list of things to do in the summer! <3

    I find that camping in the rain is not that bad! It's very cozy at night, while you're sleeping. But what sucks is drying out the tent after, haha.


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