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California Road Trip | Day 7/10: Pioneertown, USA

Gypsy Warrior Maxi Dress (similar), Denim Vest (similar), Urban Outfitters Sandals (similar)

After getting settled into our Joshua Tree airBnB, Jeremy and I ventured out to devour the most delicious barbecue at Pappy + Harriet's. We didn't get to stay late enough to enjoy the live music, as we got there on the earlier end to avoid the dinnertime rush, but boy did we leave filled to the brim. And I know barbecues are usually focused on the quality of the meat (which was sublime), but I can't help but rave incessantly about the garlic mashed potatoes I want to eat those forever please I demand more instantly.

And an added bonus of stopping at Pappy + Harriet's was that it's located in Pioneertown, which is an Old West town build in the early 1940's that acted as a set for various movie and TV filmings. We thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be old time-y actors, although suddenly I felt like it would be more appropriate if I was rocking some Levi's and cowboy boots. Who the fuck wears a backless maxi dress in the wild, wild west? 


  1. You wear a backless maxi dress in the wild wild west, obviously, and you rock it. This must have been SO FUN. The pictures certainly convey that. :D

  2. I have always wanted to road trip to California and this makes me want to even more! That dress is actually so perfect for the wild west, such a great maxi! Looks like a fun time

  3. I love your dress! You look beautiful! :) xx

  4. bwah! where ARE your levi's, girl friend? I love the dress, though. It looks so cool (like, literally) and sophisticated!! and those sandals are great. I want some of those!! ♥ You guys are too cute, too!!

  5. LOL Jenn. Jenn would wear such a thing xD
    And still look totally adorable and all sorts of cuteness!!

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  6. How do I live in California and not know of these places!?!?! Love these photographs. The town looks like so much fun! I love the look of wooden floorboards and walls.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

  7. I love the print on this dress and you've found a great photo location, but I think it's your smile that really wins here! I've followed you with Blog Lovin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter! Hope you'll connect with me!
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