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Bonnaroo Diaries | Day 3: Peak of Our Collective Madness

Forever 21 Burgundy Romper (similar, similar), Body Chain (similar), Urban Outfitters Black Strap Flat Sandals (similar)

Day 3 was the peak of our collective madness. By this point the sun had ripped us a new one and turned our emotions inside out. When we went to bed at 4:00 am, it was freezing cold. Then by 7:00 am it would become a furnace in our tents and one-by-one we would drag our bodies out to lie out in the breeze-filled canopy. Definitely the recipe for exhaustion.

BUT WE BONNAROO'D ON REGARDLESS BECAUSE WE ARE STRONG AND WE COULD SURVIVE AND WE DID. Despite my lack of a proper shower (washing your hair in a trough isn't the most hygienic) I decided that Day 3 would be the fanciest of the days with a gold body chain to match my gold sunglasses. Minimal effort but maximum fancy results.

All of the acts ended up blending into a blur this day and then we woke up looking like the hottest messes we could possibly look like. And, as usual, Day 4 went without outfit photos. There's just not enough outfit stamina to get me to Day 4. Ever.

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  1. you're such a little charming lady!! :D love this jen!

    Have a nice weekend!
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