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Aunt Gayle + Mr. Frond 4 Ever

It's been all about Bob's Burgers these past few years and once Aunt Gayle and Mr. Frond, two of my favorite side characters in the show, got together...we knew what our Halloween costumes were going to be this year.

Aunt Gayle is the crazy, socially awkward cat lady and I already have two of her three cats (no seriously, look). All I need is the little, yellow guy and then my collection is complete. Too bad Jeremy cut me off at two, rightfully so. I'll wear him down in a couple of years.

Hope everyone's having a spooky Halloween and trying to get free candy even though you're too old to trick-or-treat. Screw the system! Candy for all!


  1. You two are stinkin' adorable.

  2. too cute!!! :D so happy to be back blogging and checking out your posts again!!

    Have a great day!
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