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Santa Fe | Pueblos, Hailstorms, and Everything In-Between

H&M Black Turtleneck (similar), White Drop Waist Ruffle Dress c/o LuLu*s (similar, similar), ASOS Thigh High Socks (similar), Steve Madden Compton Black Bootie (similar, similar)

Our second full day in Santa Fe predicted scattered rain storms and a bit of thunder in the evening, so yet again we ditched our ambitious hiking plans to explore the local area a bit more. I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't see a pueblo before leaving New Mexico, so Jeremy and I wandered off to Pecos National Historic Park, just a quick drive from our airbnb. The historic landmark was home to the Pecos tribe and is home to the ruins of an old mission church, built by the Spanish, who were determined to colonize the Pueblo lands and convert the American Indians to Christianity. It's always mind-boggling to see how buildings like this one have endured so much time and change and still stand tall, hundreds of years later. Not to mention, still being so on trend with that terracotta coloring, heh heh. Heh.

Later that evening we decided to drive all the way up into the mountains to tackle the Aspen Vista Hike, which was supposed to boast a shit load of fall foliage, which is seriously one my top ten things to ooh and ahh at. But right when we parked the car and took one step outside, it started hailing. And then hailing. AND THEN DAMN IT, IT WAS HAILING. I'm telling you, peanut M&M sized hail was just falling down quicker than you could say any word, really, and we had to scramble back to the car and drive down the mountain at 5 mph as the road turned whiter and whiter. We finally made it down to an elevation low enough to be hail-less, but not without getting soaked due to my multiple cries to stop the car and grab photos in the hail (all of which were terrible because, I mean, hail).

Thankfully, we had made previous reservations for a private hot tub experience at the famous Ten Thousand Waves and allowed us to warm up the way fancy people do: at a spa. While we didn't splurge on any massages or treatments, just being in a hot tub in complete darkness and peace...there's nothing quite as soothing and relaxing. Now wondering if my landlord would let me build one on the roof of our apartment...


  1. Beautiful and cute :)

  2. Hi
    Thank you so much for your comment on our blog!

    That's a very beautiful Dress,
    I love white clothes. :)

    Have a nice day,

  3. Jen these pictures are amazing. You look so pretty and happy :) Oh love that white dress ❤

  4. Your pictures are amazing !! And I'm loving that dress
    X,an IL
    The color palette

  5. OMG I feel in love with your quirky style! Your photos are sooooo great! <3

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  6. These photos are beautiful, I'd love to visit there :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  7. I think the photos turned out great!
    I really love your outfit here. especially that black booties

    The Sweetest Escape

  8. I love these photos! Santa Fe is such a beautiful place! Thought I definitely would prefer to avoid a hailstorm. :)


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