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#PerfectNever at Home with Reebok

Once the weather drops below 40°F, the gym suddenly becomes a foreign destination located cities and countries away; a relic of my not too distant past. I thought that paying for a full-year upfront would be the ultimate motivator to go the gym more often. Turns out, my laziness is stronger than the worth of my hard earned money. So despite all my crap about how I'm going to roll up my sleeves and get myself to kick more ass, I haven't. 

But screw the gym (not to say that it's not a great place, because it can be). I'm going to defeat the cold weather and work out at home this winter. Fair warning though, usually I'm working out to a YouTube video of an Australian telling me to "FEEL IT IN THOSE ABS, DO YOU FEEL IT BURN?" In these photos I'm not working out to any videos, so I'm a direction-less Jen who looks like a sad excuse for a workout model. Also, I'm easily distracted and I couldn't help but indulge a curious Jeff Goldblum as he ran over trying to figure out exactly what I was doing writhing around on the floor. 

Big shout out to Reebok for that monthly reminder that just because I'm embracing #PerfectNever doesn't mean I can stop trying to get my shit together. 

This post is sponsored by Reebok. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Funny you post this because this is exactly what I did yesterday. I *did* however get up at 4:45 this morning to go to the gym because it was much warmer out. But I always have to remind myself that I never have an excuse not to work out because I have my living room floor and YouTube. D:

  2. Dude, you named your cat Jeff Goldblum?!?! I saw him at the airport on my first trip to Los Angeles. Anyways, what is it about pets that make them wander over your exercise mat when you're trying to get a sweat on while they have the whole house to themselves?


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