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Quiet Suburban Snowfall

Levi's Faux Fur Hooded Navy Parka (similar), Abercrombie & Fitch White Knit Sweater (similar, similar), Black Suspender Shorts c/o Lulu*s (similar), ASOS Black Thigh High Socks, Steve Madden Black Lace-Up Boots (similar, similar)

I always forget how quiet suburban neighborhoods are. Jeremy and I made the trek to central Jersey yesterday for his nephew's first birthday and we decided to take the 20-minute walk from the train station to the restaurant. We were babbling and cackling away as we always do about inappropriate things - okay, most of both those things were coming out of my loud mouth - but once we both finally shut up for a moment we realized how dead quiet the streets were and that we most likely were the "disturbances" to the entire neighborhood.

We've been spoiled by the constant noise of New York City and the ability to automatically tune out any outside noise (unless you're consciously eavesdropping on the gossiping old ladies on the subway). Makes me worried that if I ever move to a smaller city or the suburbs, the locals will chase me out or duct tape my mouth shut. Time to work on my volume control.


  1. I wouldn't have considered a green fence a good backdrop if I walked by it, but you make it looks glamoroussssss.

  2. I really like these pictures and you look so cool in this outfit!


  3. Gorgeous look! I need a pair of those suspender shorts asap!


  4. That's such a good color for a background, the photos look amazing!

    I don't think I'm SUPER loud...all the time...but as much as I love bustling cities, the quiet of the little neighborhood I lived in back when I was in London really agreed with me (also, the fact that I could take pics without anyone ever getting in the way).

  5. Love this look on you Jen!
    And know what? Small towns/suburbs aren't for everyone! Trust me...we tried it and moved back to NYC. Your loud mouth is always welcome here!

  6. Beautiful photos! You look lovely! :) xx

  7. Those suspender shorts! Ahh they're so cute!

    And yeah, those suburbs can getcha. Over the summer, I had to house-sit for my parents, and I could not fall asleep with all that quiet. I needed to hear the El barreling outside my window!

  8. Love your style!

  9. Such cute photos! I love your coat, looks really cosy!

  10. Hi Jen, always adore your outfit. Anyway, you look gorgeous with your hair style.

  11. Love how quirky this look is yet it still looks quite comfortable!


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