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Meow On My Lips

Matte Lip Velour in Meow by Winky Lux, Forever 21 Peach Tank, Wrap-Around Mini-Skirt (similar), Light Pink Suede Mules (similar), Ellen and James Round Rattan Bag

The most important beauty advice I got growing up wasn't from the countless Seventeen magazines I hoarded (how many times can you read about a celebrity telling you their perfect skin was from drinking lots of water?)  Instead, it was from my mom, telling me to invest in quality products if they were going to touch my sensitive skin on a daily basis. Fast forward years later, one of my biggest monthly splurges is quality skincare and make-up and it's definitely made all the difference. But now I've reached a third stage which is caring about what goes into my make-up, which is where Winky Lux comes into the picture.

Not only do they have quality products, but their products are cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free, non-toxic, gluten free, and made within the U.S.  Oh, and did I mention they're throwing me back to my high school years with affordable drug store prices? Now picture my mind exploding into a million magical pieces because it is.

Okay so I'm also a little biased because this perfectly creamy and long-lasting matte lip velour of theirs that I'm wearing is also named MEOW.  My cat lady self is meowing and smacking my lips all over town with joy.  Now excuse me while I try their flower balm which has an actual flower inside and it changes into a shade of pink that matches your skin tone and you guys I'm dead all of this is so exciting.

P.S. Oh, and I also, also, also mention the packaging because I totally judge a book by its cover?


  1. Rocking that lip color!


  2. omg that basket bag is adorable!!


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