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Boba + Mom Jean Shorts

Urban Outfitters Gray Crop Tank, Zara Mom Shorts, Converse White All-Star Sneakers, Ellen & James Rattan Circle Bag

You know what's better than mom jeans? MOM JEAN SHORTS, you guys. Jeremy and I were walking around Astoria yesterday, enjoying the warm weather, and I was gabbing on and on and on about how much I loved these mom shorts. Then we passed an actual mom and I suddenly felt like such a fraud. Does being a cat mom justify wearing mom jeans? 

I was also gabbing on and on and on about bubble tea (poor Jeremy has to listen to constant gabbing for the rest of his life) because bubble tea is my #1 craving and I finally satisfied that craving after about two weeks. TWO WEEKS. What kind of life was I living during those ten days without boba? I never want to be boba-less. 

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