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Scaling Greater Heights with Keds

Jeremy has a love of hiking and a fear of heights. I, on the other hand, am lazy...and also have a fear of heights. However, lately we've been putting in the effort to try to push ourselves more and more, especially when it comes to our travels, so we can experience new adventures (the cliffs when hiking through the Faroes were no joke and there was plenty of vertigo happening). 
So when I partnered with Keds to launch their new fall collection, I leaned into their campaign daring us to be adventurous. To make a splash. So we threw our inhibitions out the window (well, more like tucked them into our back pockets), I laced up my Scout boots, and we made the difficult journey up Breakneck Ridge. 
And boy, those hiking experts didn't lie when they said it was difficult. At certain times I felt like we were straight up rock climbing rather than hiking as we tried to scale up the mountain. Thankfully the grip on the bottom of these boots kept me on the rocks as I tried to muster any sort of upper body strength to pull myself up. And bless those Ortholite insoles; with a total of 4 hours of steep rocky hills and slippery downhill slopes we were going a bit loopy by the end of the trail. 
But despite it all, by the time we got down to the village of Cold Spring (scratches and bruises included), we were feeling pretty damn accomplished (and ready for water to be poured on our heads). Here's to pushing ourselves to being a little crazier, for better or for worse. 
This is a sponsored post by Keds. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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