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Traveling with Sudio Sweden

When I was growing up, I made it a habit to listen to music as I went to bed each night. It started with children's songs and eventually I found myself blasting Britney Spear's while singing along to the lyric booklet, lit by the glow of the nightlight. To this day, I can barely do anything without music in the background, whether I'm typing away on my computer at work or falling asleep on the subway ride home. So boy, were wireless headphones mind blowing

I partnered with Sudio Sweden to test out their Vasa Blå wireless headphones for a few months, taking them through all my travels, whether locally or globally. It's a game changer. I use to think wireless headphones were only for runners who didn't want their wires smacking against their faces with each step. But now, suddenly I don't have to untangle wires when I pull them out of my bag or have to worry about pulling them out of my ears when I'm running out of a subway car (or trying to transfer between flights). 

I'm never going back ever again. NEVER. 

Go bless your ears and your overall wellbeing with your own pair and take 15% with the code "jennifhsieh". 

This post is sponsored by Sudio Sweden but all opinions, thoughts, and ramblings are my own. 


  1. I was thinking of getting a wireless headphone
    and this post just convince me to get one like right now

    The Sweetest Escape

  2. Your pleated floral skirt looks beautiful and I love the GIFs - the one of you dancing is adorable! I love your smile! The Sudio Sweden wireless headphones look great!


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