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That Girl is a Mustang

It’s finally Friday and it’s finally going to hit the 70’s this weekend (the temperature, not the decade - although I am channeling those vibes with this lewk). I AM SO EXCITED. So excited in fact that I didn’t have time to shave my legs but who gives a fuck, I’m gonna wear them bare anyway. It’s too beautiful out to care about any of this grooming shit. Amirite, fellow hairy leggers?

I’m going to be ringing in the weekend tonight by getting a lamb platter from my local halal cart (the best one in the whole damn city - I swear) and catching up on This Is Us and crying on the couch. But then tomorrow I’ll be heading down to South Jersey to visit a friend’s new house and experience even WARMER weather. Hallelujah, Mother Nature has come THROUGH for us east coasters. My mom shorts are coming out of hibernation and I am here for it.

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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  1. You are the cutest goddamn thing and that outfit looks ADORABLE on you.

    I'm recovering from a cold and temperatures went down this week, but it looks like they should pick up again from Monday. I'm looking forward to finding out if my lack of desire to go anywhere is 100% depression-based or at least partly due to the cold. Because I miss wanting to go outside. Back in the fall when it started getting darker earlier I felt like a goddamn sunflower, I kept just looking for the sun in my patio, LOL.


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