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Swing High, Swing Low

I've been living in our current apartment with Jeremy and the kitties for almost three years now and we've really grown to fall in love with our little five block radius. If you walk a block or two up north, you hit the subway station, our local pharmacy, the best halal food in the city, our kick-boxing studio, and our gym. If you walk a few blocks south, you hit an enormous grocery store where we do all of our Sunday meal prep. Then if you walk a block or two east, you hit a little mini-suburb (which is nice when I'm tired of the city), complete with an Applebee's, a Panera, a P.C. Richard & Son, this playground, and ~*~ a movie theater ~*~...that accepts Moviepass. 

So naturally,  Jeremy and I have been seeing movies right and left recently, which works out nicely with all the killer movies that have been coming out. Earlier this week, I sucked up my fear of horror movies and went to go see A Quiet Place. If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT.  Some how, John Krasinski has convinced me that I might just like horror movies, which is baffling considering the emotional and stressful rollercoaster ride he took me on with that storytelling. Anyone else see A Quiet Place yet? 

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