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That's a Load of Bull Shirt

I’m loving the return of the graphic tee these days. I remember back when I used to work at my local dELiA*s (shout out to the alternating caps); they used to have a full on graphic tee wall (where I learned to perfect the skill of folding a t-shirt) and they were all the rage. I would spend my salary buying shirts that had the weirdest things on them: food pyramids, Dr. Suess drawings, and vintage brands. Then came a lull period in the early 2010’s. Well, bless the last two years for ramping them back up again, this time focusing on typography and badass sayings. I’ll take ‘em. I'll take 'em all!

Also, can we talk about that fact that when these photos were taken this morning, it was 32°F, which is unusually low for an April 5th? Don't let my short sleeves fool you - I'm freezing. Mother Nature needs to get her act together because by April 25th, thanks to Miss Congeniality, I expect the weather to be "not too hot, [and] not too cold, [where] all you need is a light jacket."


  1. Graphic tee is definitely my wardrobe staples! <3
    Great look as always ;)

    1. The easiest thing to style! And thank you, Mei! <3


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