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Bare Thighs and I'm Feelin' Alright (AKA Freezing)

Don't let my bare thighs fool you; it's still freezing over here in New York City and mid-April is getting closer day-by-day. It's hard to believe the first day of summer is just a little over two months away and spring has yet to make it's oh-so-anticipated appearance. Meanwhile, everyone I know in the Southwest is in the middle of almost three-digit temperatures, which is actually baffling to me. Is there no middle ground anymore?!

On a non-weather-related note, Jeremy and I have gotten into the habit of going to open houses lately, even though we're not seriously looking to buy anytime soon (mainly since demand is so high when it comes to buying in New York City....just as high as the asking prices). Looking at listing after listing, I wondered to myself, will it ever be possible to buy in the city without being filthy stinkin' rich? (Read this in the voice of Carrie Bradshaw.)

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