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(Video Recap: Happy Valentine's Day, CSN Stores Giveaway Winner, NYFW: Sheila Frank's Show, Happy Chinese New Year Giveaway)

Congratulations to Sonya for winning the CSN Stores Giveaway! :)

Chinese New Year Giveaway
How to Enter:
1) Name & Email
2) Be a Google Follower
3) How did you spend your February 14th?
*This Giveaway is open to EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. :) 


  1. Kung Hei Fat Choi Jen. And happy Valentine's day to you too. xoxo

  2. You're so GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm so glad I finally get to put a voice to the face! :)

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  4. happy valentine and chinese new year..
    and sonya congratulations :))
    lucky girl

  5. Oh my god! YAY! Thanks so much!!


  6. gong xi fat chai !
    really love hearing your voice dear :D

    i spent my 14feb collecting angpaos all day long ! ahha.. and at night, i had dinner for my bf's grandpa's birthday. we all surprised him at a restaurant :D


  7. Happy V-Day and Happy New Year!
    The fashion show sounds like it was amazing!

  8. Awww, Happy Valentine's Day and New Year! Here goes:

    1. Shannon, unicornsaretheshitblog@yahoo.com

    2. I am!

    3. My aunt and uncle took us out to eat lunch at a nice Italian restaurant, but then the rest of the day was spent doing yard work (bleh!) and doing homework (another bleh!).

  9. You are seriously TOO CUTE! I love this video and I love that your friends knock on your door in the middle of filming! No need to enter me in the giveaway as I seriously need to be giving away things of my own before I move in a few months!

    You're cute X 1000. Happy chinese new year!

    xo Jenny

  10. You are seriously TOO CUTE! I love this video and I love that your friends knock on your door in the middle of filming! No need to enter me in the giveaway as I seriously need to be giving away things of my own before I move in a few months!

    You're cute X 1000. Happy chinese new year!

    xo Jenny

  11. love ur v-log, jen! u are too cute!:) congrats to sonya! omgosh, u got to go to nyfw?? lucky u! looking forward to seeing the pics. happy v-day!


  12. Chidere Igwe

    Well my February 14th was spent like my whole weekend was spent. Sleeping in every morning just to stay up all night watching movies. What did i accomplish? Nothing but watching movies that i missed out on. Such as Adventureland, Fame, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Just to name a few. I was my own Valentine and decided to treat myself to movies. home alone. in the dark. by myself. just staring. at the screen. MY LIFE IS PATHETIC!

  13. Oh I die, your accent is so cute! For some reason I always expect everyone to talk like me, which is ridiculous!

    I baked valentines cupcakes and spend a lazy day eating them with my other half!

  14. you're adorable!
    love the video


  15. thanks for dropping comment at my blog. happy chinese new year! and happy valentines day. yes you should clean it up too. i believe messy and untidy room brings bad luck through this year, so i cleaned it up before new year lol

  16. Genial fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

  17. You are so cute! I can't wait to see photos from the show!

    I spent my Valentine's Day seeing an opera matinee with my husband and two of our best married friends. Then we went for dinner and ice cream.

  18. Congratulations to Sonya!
    And you, congratulations to you from Janettaria! :)

  19. So fun meeting you 'live' and hearing your voice - you are beautiful!

    Happy New Year.


  20. hey jen! yay for a video blog :)
    happy belated chinese new year!
    how i spent my valentine's day:
    in the morning i saw the lela rose show, and the rest of the day my husband and i just chilled at home.

  21. aww Jen you are so adorable!!!!!

    Happy belated chinese new years!!!

    How I spent my v-DAY? I was given breakfast in bed made by the MR. He never cooks, followed by a walk on our favorite beach and lunch!

    I hope you had a great V-day!

  22. Jen ... you sound as sweet as I imagined you to be!

  23. you are too damn awesome for words.

    I spent my v-day with my family and best friend.
    And kitty.
    So perfectly wonderful.

  24. yay for video blogs!!! :D

    i spent v-day with my bf and we went up the hills of banff and had a huge amount of sushi that night! hahaha!


  25. Your voice is beautiful Jen! Hope you had a happy valentines day.

    1. Kirsten, kirstensistermans@hotmail.com
    2. I am a google follower
    3. It's Carnival here so I spent my whole day PARTYING. Well it was a hell lot of fun :)

  26. You're so adorable in vlog!!!! Have a wonderful new year and hope you had a great vday!

  27. You're so adorable!
    I saw the photos of your time at NYFW. I would enjoy going some time but that means money and cold weather!

    Thanks for the giveaway:
    1) Taylor and you should still have my e-mail.
    2) I am.
    3) Japanese lunch with a free slice of apple pie! Coffee shop and Waterfront Park. Cooked dinner at home.

  28. happy new year!!

    valentines was spent with bloody mary's & cupcakes... what more could a girl want! oh, and a movie too!

    hope you had a great weekend!

  29. I hope you had a lovely New Year!

    1. Sarah.....tiger.loverxxo(at)gmail.com
    2. I is a follower :D
    3. Hmmm it was a pretty dull day for me, but I did make a necklace!

  30. You are so cute, oh my gosh!! It's much more personal and I feel so loved, hahaha!

    1. alihval@aol.com
    2. Follower foreverrr <3
    3. I spent time with my family.. the only guy I need in my life is my dad, every other boy is stupid. ;D

  31. I know everyone has already said it, but I'm gonna say it too, you're so cute! And the scroll is really neat looking.

    1. jknheinmiller@gmail.com
    2. Of course I'm a follower
    3. I spent yesterday with my husband: we ate apple-cinnamon pancakes (homemade!), went to Lowe's where he bought tools with the giftcard I got him, walked around town in my new dress that I made (OK well, husband didn't do that, wearing the dress was pretty much a solo activity :P), and then had yummy whole-wheat pizza and homemade strawberry pie. It was wonderful!

  32. Thats so cool now that you did a Video I feel like I know you better!

    I had my Valentine day on Saturday cause Sunday I had to be at work. So JOe and I spend time at the Riverwalk shooting pictures.
    Hope you had a good time too!

  33. I realle like to listen ur voice in the video :)
    happy belated chinese new year , dear! :)

  34. Hey, you are sooo beautiful! Im following you just about few weeks, but it was really nice to hear your voice and to see you 'alive' if i can say so :D

    Happy new year and see you around! <3


  35. Aww, I love when I can hear bloggers speak! You're so cute! Great video and great giveaway - Happy Chinese New Year!! I spent mine at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in the 80 degree weather, followed by sushi! I realized afterward I didn't have Chinese food! Hope you have a great week ahead! And thanks for RSVP'ing to my slumber party- can't wait to see your photo!! xo, Mel


  36. well done to the winner xxxxxxxxx

  37. Lovely blog! :)

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:


  38. Aw, this is fun! I love seeing blogger videos, so nice to hear different accents & mannerisms :]

    Hmm, maybe you've inspired me to give it a try!

  39. Omg, u are soooo divine hun!! I luved ur vlog so much!!So mant people hav e asked me to do one, after seeing yours I think I will : )

  40. Hi gorgeous Jen!

    Congrats to the winner!


  41. wow such an american accent! nice to see video posts, do more! :) you're so lucky to go to the fashion show :(

  42. Oh, my goodness, Jen! YOu are so cute! I loved hearing your voice and matching it with your pretty face!


  43. Wow jen! you are so pretty! It's great to hear your voice. lovely vlog!


  44. Ohmigosh you are SO cute, Jen! love seeing you animated!! Happy, Happy Belated Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!

    1) Erika - cafefashionista@yahoo.com

    2) Of course I'm a follower!

    3) I spent the day browsing the aisles of Barnes & Noble. :)

  45. I just love your awesome skin!!! Your voice sounds sweet too! I hope to see more of this!

    Happy Heart's Day!

  46. great vlog! you were so lucky to go to new york fashion week!


  47. Awww! You're so adorable! I went to NYC, but I'm so jealous you got to see a show. I just stalked the tents outside and took loserish pictures hahahah. But it twas fun.

    And Happy CNY, girl! I'm celebrating mine next week because I was in NYC and alllll. But my grandma TOTALLY has those banners all over her house! I used to want to dress up my dolls in it. :/ Haha. Wow this comment really reveals my dorkdem, errrhh.


  48. JEN YOU ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE ON VIDEO<333 i wish we could've met in person! but this is the second best option! :)

    giveaway things:
    1. jasmine (jazzyhwang@gmail.com)
    2. yes i am a follower! duh!
    3. i spent my new year's/valentine's day in new york with robert :) which you can read about it once you get back from your fabulous dinner!

  49. You're so beautiful!! Happy Valentine's Day!! xoxoxoxoxo

  50. i gave you an award...check my blog ya...^^

  51. You're pretty! I loved your voice :)

  52. Wow u did a video? omg cant believe it and its awesome!! anywho I spent my valentine watching couples Retreat with the hubby while he cooked snow crablegs with salmon brown Rice & beans with avacado:) yummy!!


  53. Jen.. you're such a cutie! Seriously!! What a sweet video... Glad that you had fun at NYFW. Lucky girl. :)

    Me and the hubbs had a romantic dinner at Cafe Clemons.. hee hee.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  54. SO jealous! & you look amazing as always :)

    I had to turn down all my LFW invites this time round because I'm too skint to even afford the travel! But there's always next time!



  55. I spent my Valentine's Day in NYC at Bryant Park! Email me at timeenoughfordrums@yahoo.com. Annie.


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