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4/15 | Locked Out & Knocked Down

So the other day I took my friend bowling at a shady nearby bowling alley about 20 minutes from my house. It's not as sketchy on the inside as it is on the outside, don't worry. I actually really like how old and torn up it looks with the green and white stripes and the decaying letters.

My friend and I found out we're quite terrible at bowling. Actually, I'm pretty sure I knew I was terrible before I even walked in the door. He got a few spares though and a strike. I got...close to a spare a few times, haha.

(t-shirt forever 21, jeans forever 21, belt & ring forever 21, wedges seychelles

Originally I wanted to get some shots in the bowling alley with my sexy bowling shoes (I need to know who designed those beautiful shoes, haha) but there were too many people around and I would look beyond strange. I was already getting one too many gutter balls.

Oh, did I forget to mention I got locked out of my car? I accidentally closed my car door with my bag still inside. All I had was my camera so I snapped a shot of my bag, on my seat, with the keyring attached...mocking me. I had to work in an hour as well so I was being over dramatic and freaking out. My friend decided to take pictures of my misery since that was his way of helping out. Eventually I was able to use his phone to call up a friend who brought me my extra set of keys. I definitely owe her a dinner.


  1. Old and decaying stuff is so awesome, that's why I like, uh, yogurt so much. Yeah.

    Tehe, I love your shoes and how they match your belt. ;D YOU LOOK SO CA-YOOOOT (my attempt at spelling "cute" in a different way). Plus, your owl ring is totally adorable awwwww does he have a name?

  2. Those letters could look so good in a black/white/red tarantino-like pic! And the jeans simply look fantastic on you!!
    The inside of the car key moment happened to me too...
    Horrible feeling to be left out with no mobile...
    Looking goregous girl!
    Kiss form Spain.

  3. oh no! i'm glad u had a spare key, jen! so nice of ur friend to bring it to ya:) i really love the simplicity of this outfit and these pics look great especially against the older building. i'm with ya, the green and white makes a cool contrast.

    ure not alone, i'm TERRIBLE in bowling, too haha!

  4. I love this casual outfit!
    And I hope you picked up that trash behind you (if even it wasn't yours).

    Did you bring socks to the bowling alley? The one here actually sells socks in a vending machine!

  5. oh no.. thank goodness you have a spare key!! :D you're looking effortlessly chic in this outfit!! :D gotta love the white tee! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. wth you're on 4 already?!?! damn. need to get my 5th one ready in today or tomorrow. ANYWAY, you look lovely! i love this background/setting! that first picture is so gorgeous! i suck at bowling too actually haha! definitely need those noobie bumpers!

  7. Those shoes and that ring are great.

    I hate it when you have one of those days when everything goes wrong. Hooray for lovely friends.

  8. Wow your outfit is so classic yet chic! The shoes and belt really spice up the outfit! Haha I totally suck at bowling too; I cheer every time the ball doesn't go down the gutter. Aww I know I would really freak out if I was locked out of my car. Or my house. I always have a terrible fear of leaving my house without my keys. One day it might actually happen.

  9. I love this look! It's so simple but the cognac belt and shoes set off the black and white in an offhand chic sort of way. Proof you can look cute while (sucking at) bowling.

  10. Hahaha, ow Jen, that's comic and I think it's perfectly normal getting locked out the car. Once I got locked out my house oO' and when I was a child I got locked inside my aunt's bathroom --this last episode is still my worst nightmare!

    You looks o pretty, I loved your belt :) and thisplace is gorgeous, I have to agree with Ali.

    xoxo, have a great week!

  11. i just caught up on your 15 for 15 posts :) i love these!
    hehe my car won't let me lock myself out, though i've almost done it a few times. silly me.

    can't wait for the next one!

  12. great casual outfit, really love this! x

  13. I love how effortless and chic this outfit is. Sorry you got locked out of your car though. That stinks.

  14. I love the setting of these photos so much, as well as your lovely classic outfit! I'm happy to hear you were eventually able to get into your car! :)

  15. great pics.
    love your rings and your wedges...
    you look cute too!

  16. a simple look surely proves a good impression. you're rockin' it well.



  17. such a beautiful outfit. simple and so so stylish. i love it! also loving the background and photos!

  18. gosh, you look great!
    i've never gone bowling before, but i'm pretty sure i suck, too.

  19. I once locked myself out my car too and it was embarrassing to bust into class so late, haha. Great casual outfit :)

  20. thank goodness you had a friend with an extra key!

    I think your wedges are far better than any bowling shoes, and i love the own ring!

    Chic on the Cheap

  21. You are too cute!! I love bowling shoes too... and I also am terrible at bowling =)

    Thanks for visiting Glad Rags to Riches! I'm guest blogging there for the next few weeks. Don't be a stranger =)

  22. hey jen, what camera do u use?
    i really like ur photos esp the last one..

    and the shoes is so stunning..

  23. eek love and hate bowling. love because it can get real fun, hate because i always ALWAYS end up breaking a nail!

  24. Awww man! Good thing you got to get your spares. :) This is a lovely, simple, and still yet overwhelmingly chic outfit. I love simplicity these days!

  25. Beautiful simple outfit,
    and The pictures are gorgeous!
    + sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx

  26. very simple but very nice outfit :) lovely hair!

  27. i lovee ur casualll outfitt!! :))
    hahahhaa,, u look so miserablee ,, lucklyy u fren can bring u the extra keyy!! :DD


  28. ur owl ring cute dear...
    and the plain t-shirt look good on you with that kinds of pants :D


  29. you totally rock this casual style!! really love the look, and the place you took the picts, such edgy background <3


  30. hey cutie~
    love ur white Tee

  31. They always say simplicity is key! And that less is more.

    Definitely the case with this outfit.

    I would be effing horrified and frustrated if I had gotten locked out of my car. That's never happened to me. With my luck, I'm surprised; I have, however, had my car batteries run out on me on account of me leaving my lights on (since it's safer when driving). I also have had the lock freeze shut and the car key fob malfunction so the car wouldn't open and the lock mechanisms wouldn't move. That was awful. In 28F weather? Ugh.

    I feel your pain.

    Love your outfit.

    Pretty brillz.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  32. Ooooh those jeans....perfect on U!

  33. That bowling alley does look extremely sketchy -_- I'm sorry you got locked out of your car! That sounds so frustrating!

    Love your owl ring!

  34. What a story! Glad everything worked out ok. Your outfit here is so adorable!

  35. simple, and that ring is the icing on the cake.


  36. I got the same ring, but I like ur colour better.
    Lovely blog.

  37. I love the classic chic look of your outfit. You are effortlessly beautiful.:)

  38. i love this outfit!
    so simple and chic and gorgeous!


  39. love the classic look, especially the worn-out tee and those suede wedges :) I'm sorry to hear about the car incident though :(

  40. i freaked out this spring when i did that (i had to pick my sister up for an event... it always happens that way...)

    such a classic look... love the fact that you kept everything simple and clean.


  41. omg i love dis simple outfit u look good jen n those shoes>3

  42. I love all of these pictures and the outfit is just so simple and amazing!



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