3/15 Clipped

So this is me, in skinny jeans, in 90+ degree weather. I ventured to a park about 20 minutes away with my summer time photographer (who I've just lost to an internship in NYC) so we could go paddle boating! We started off in the wrong part of the park which is shown in this photo shoot. There were some old buildings and stables which made for some pretty interesting pictures.

(striped shirt [remixed] gap, jeans forever 21, ring forever 21, sandals [remixed] & bag urban outfitters)

We eventually made our way to the right part of the park! However, since the weather forecast predicted thunderstorms the paddle boats weren't open for the day. It wasn't even raining by then but I guess rules are rules. The pond was looking pretty disgusting anyway. Maybe next time? I took my friend to Rita's Italian Ice after wards (it was his first time!) and I had me some delicious Peach and Lemonade! He chose Mango.

I kept my look pretty simple this time around. The weather really does make me want to avoid any sort of layering sometimes. My bangs are also clipped up so I get more wind on my forehead! It's a rare look for me but it's refreshing from time to time. Every time I clip up my bangs, no one seems to recognize me!

This isn't a Dynamic Duo post...but Jasmine actually has the same exact shirt and she's doing a 21 for 21 challenge! Her latest post features this shirt in white so go check it out! I'm pretty sure we're secretly soulmates (Jasmine - don't tell Robert!) since we have so many similar items in our challenges.  We actually have a Dynamic Duo coming up hopefully early next week so keep your eyes out for that! We managed to sneak one into our challenges. :)

Oh, and I apologize for my silly looking face in some of these photos. The sun was all kinds of bright and it was hard to look at my camera. And the shoes you've seen in the first three remixes are the shoes I'll be wearing for the rest of the 12 looks!

Yes, that's me. As a goat.


  1. hahahaha!!! i love that last one!!! so goofy! :D i like the basic feel of this look!!! i just wore a basic outfit myself.. :)

    Animated Confessions

  2. yay we coordinated!! hehe we definitely are soul mates <3 when it goes on sale, i'm definitely getting this in grey too :) and how do you have yet another cute bow ring? i don't have any!! :( it's not fair!!!

  3. I love goat-jen! She is so very cute cute. :D *keeps goat-jen forever and ever*

    I can't believe you're wearing skinny jeans, you're ridiculous, haha! But very cute. :D

  4. Here, let me toss you a tin can.

  5. Haha I have that same Gap shirt in other colors too! I love your hair pinned up, it's pretty! Oh I've wanted to go paddle boating here in SF but the weather's always too foggy and crappy to go.

  6. such cute pics, jen! lol the goat pose is my favorite:P have a great weekend!


  7. you ventured out in NYC with black jeans on?! You're crazy slash very brave :) I applaud your efforts. Meanwhile I was melting away this past week. Cute pictures, keep it up!

  8. hahahah!! i love the last picture of urs :),, so funnyy!! love ur stripe tops,, n u look so casual :))

    secret of life

  9. I'm loving your ring and your bag. and you're kiiind of adorable as a goat. :)

    Lindsey Soup

  10. LOL! You're so cuute!
    I love your ring!

    I sometimes clip my hair up like that during the summer time too :) It just feels so stuffy (haha, I don't think that's the right word to describe it) with all my hair down and in my face D:

  11. You are the most beautiful and stylish goat I've ever seen! :D Haha. I love the fit of the shirt! Lately I've been favoring loose tops with fitted bottoms--but I couldn't wear skinny jeans. They're gorgeous, but just not for my bod! Haha. Great outfit!

  12. Haha,crazy girl !Love the outfit, even tough I think you felt really hot in those jeans:)But the sandals are AMAZING !

  13. loving your casual style.
    cute ring :)
    btw, You still look pretty :)

  14. striped top and bag <3
    oh lorrrd i love it :D

  15. Great look- the outfit I mean... You are super cute as a goat, but if I find out you have another blog called jenigoat, I might be alarmed.

  16. uber chic!! the last pict is just hilarious, super cute :)


  17. Hahaha, nice shots! I loved the last one :) You look great! Have a nice weekend!

  18. really nice look girl!
    ahhaha that´s me as a goat!XD!
    x amber

  19. you last pic is cute so much:)
    and this outfit, just simple lovely

  20. loveeee!!!
    esp. the last pic :P

  21. Hahahah!! nice nice jeans!!! and sandals.
    loving the outfit.
    Big kiss from Spain.

  22. Oh yeah, I know what it is to avoid layers!! I just can't do it most days, it's too hot. I love you as a goat hahaha, lol you make me laugh Jen. You're pictures are too cute :)

  23. hhahhahahahaha love the goat face!
    your too funny :)


  24. simple & cute!! love the ring

  25. I'm not American, but I'll take that 90degree+ weather is rather hot. (In Canadian terms, 20+degree weather is hot. But, you know, I'm assuming we're not on the same terms here haha.)

    In conclusion, you look HOT. (Hahahhaha, PUN?! Get it?! HOT, as in good. But HOT, as in weather. (Not that you look weather hot. You don't at all. I look like a sweaty mess in all my pictures!)) I know what you mean about layering - summer just makes it kind of... not possible.

    Also, ADORABLE RING. And good luck to your photographer + his/her internship! Woooot.

    Thanks so much for all your comments!

  26. you are so cute! love the ring you're wearing. Jeans in really hot weather, not my kind of thing. But autumn's just around the corner for you guys isn't it? I'm just waiting for the rain and cold to go away here is Oz.

    Do you know if Jeffrey Campbell shoes are comfortable? xx

  27. Nice outfit! Your ring is so cute ñ_ñ

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  28. I really like the look of your bangs parted, haha the last shot is adorable. :)


  29. This is such a lovely look! Though, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to wear skinnies in this heat! Also, you are the most fashionable goat I've ever seen :)

  30. this outfit is simple and I like it.
    you look great there. I like your tee and bag. your ring is sooo cute too :D

  31. Hi Jen ! You look lovely in that simple outfit ! Love your shirt :) Love the 15 for 15 idea !

  32. I love your Jeans and shirt! It's a simple and it's looks perfect on you. :)

  33. I love your Jeans and shirt! It's a simple and it's looks perfect on you. :)

  34. Man you are brave to do skinny jeans in the heat! I lovvvvve paddle boating, but I can never find anyone to go with.

  35. last pic : too funny
    what a commitment to pose like a goat

    your plan to go paddle boating seems like on a delay again and again
    hope better luck next time :)

    cool background too!


  36. so cute your bow ring!!


  37. JEANS, in 90F weather? Are you mad, Jennifer?

    Crazy. It's humid here, I could never wear jeans, no matter how thin.

    Again, I love this 15/15 idea. I wish I had jumped on it. I think I'll try 15/30 in August. That will be a true test, since August is the worst in Detroit. High 90's and 90% humidity index. *Vomit*

    I dropped by H&M yesterday and found nothing as brilliant as that versatile shirt dress, and I walked out, disappointed and slightly nauseous from all the skanky A&F clad teens bearing too much leg.

    You look brillz.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  38. Lol, the last pic is so funny.
    love love love your blog.
    hope everything's ok.

  39. Love the cute stripes and bow ring! adorable!


  40. i hate it when the sun is too bright to open my eyes as well.. screws my photo mood ! try poppin' on a pair of sunnies to prevent the "one line asian eye" in the sun :) im very sure it'll make you extra stylish jen :) :)

  41. Love the outfit and the pictures. Very cute =)

  42. yes, the heat does make us lazier to choose more items in our outfit...hehehe. but still, the simplicity of yours is chic...and clipped bangs are always refreshing..i hardly wore my bangs during summer here...:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  43. You look so cute! I love the stripes and your sandals!

  44. I love it! Such a casual classic look. I've been loving your outfits lately. It's evolved into a simple, casual and classic look.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  45. bwahahahaha, the last photo is IT :D:D:D
    I'm totally loving this casual look, Jenn!
    You can never go wrong with a striped shirt ;)
    The jeans hug you perfectly and I love they balanced out the looseness from the shirt.

    I'm starting to dislike my bangs. They make my forehead sweat like crazy, especially in this weather. Urgh, I need a bobby pin!


  46. goat =)
    love that top
    it looks very nice with the skinny's


  47. the top is gorgeous jen...
    i really love that..

  48. so in love with your bag and your ring is soooo cute :)
    check out my latest post


  49. i'm liking how you rolled up the sleeves, looks great! :)

  50. I love that ring - great pictures Jen!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by beautiful and for the camera info =]

    Have a lovely week!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  51. hahaha! you're too funny. I like Goat Jen very much. and very cool outfit! this 15/15 thing seems to be going well so far :)


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