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Exhaustion Kicking In

I'm sitting at work right now regretting my choice of attire. It's a little bit chilly and all I have on is a sheer blouse and it's not even long sleeved. It's also pouring on and off outside and I wore suede flats and I deliberately did not bring an umbrella out with me. I'm pretty sure I think I'm better than the weather...especially the rain. But if you're wondering why the outfit I'm describing doesn't match the outfit in my pictures, it's because these pictures were taken a couple of days ago when the weather was a little brighter and warmer. I scored this skirt at Urban for only $10 a few weeks ago and I left the store feeling like I hit the jackpot.

(sweater old navy, t-shirt forever 21, skirt urban outfitters, belt topshop, heels jessica simpson)

These days the weather has been pretty dreary and I haven't been able to find the time (or motivation) to take outfit pictures.  When I'm taking self-portraits, it usually involves me dragging around my school bag, my camera bag, and my tripod to my classes. It's exhausting and I also look pretty strange on the buses and stomping around campus. Not only that, but since walking around in my wedges or heels from class to class would result in crazy blisters, I lug them around with my books and go for my loyal, black flats. Most of my photographers are crazy busy as well so I'm a little reluctant to ask them to take pictures for me.

I can't wait until today is over. It's one of those days where I just feel mentally and physically exhausted for no reason at all. I wish we had free passes to just sleep in all day. 


  1. Aw Jen, sounds like you're having a rough day :( On a positive note, that skirt is freaking awesome and WINWINWIN. Trust me, I'd do a happy dance in the middle of UO. Anyway, I often get awkward strange looks from people, especially since I'm up on my patio and cars are drivin' by... its great. Who's to judge, right? :) Feel better <3

  2. Really nice outfit, I love the simple block colours, they work really well. Love that your skirt matches the leaves too :P

    L x

  3. I purposely leave umbrellas and stuff at home, too, so I know how that feels! "Maybe it'll stop" or "It won't be that bad when I get there" or "I don't wanna carry it arounddd!" ~~!

    Your skirt is super cute though, and love that that are on the bridge to Terebithia. :DDD

  4. Awww, I'm sad to hear that you're day isn't going so great. :( But I know how you feel! I wore wedges today thinking that I knew my bus route by heart, even though it would be my first time ever catching the bus out here. Lo and behold I'm running after the bus, up and down the blocks, and getting blisters! You look gorgeous though! :D I hope everything turns out well.

  5. LOVE this outfit!! Sounds like it would have been good to wear today too...stupid weather! :p
    Ick on having a bad day...not fun

  6. these are beautiful photos.. and what a deal on that skirt!! :D i wish you better weekend weather, jen!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. Really cute outfit, it does seem a bit chilly for short skirts (I nearly froze my legs off today).

  8. These photos were worth it. Looks like Fall :)

  9. This outfit is AWESOME. I know you were regretting it, a lil', due to the weather, but it's just so great. Classic, chic, suits you PERFECTLY!! And what a score on the skirt, I might add!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - I find the writing really small on your blog and kind of hard to read... just an my opinion, not trying to be mean :)

  10. That last photo is magical and gorgeous Jen! I forgot to ask you for self-portrait tips while I was there a little while ago. Next time you need to teach me okay? Okay! Loving the ease and casualness of this outfit Jen! The skirt's color is so unique :)

    Email me about the challenge when you get a chance! <3

  11. Hi back gorgeous Jen! I'm so sorry I'm not commenting here anymore-- even though I try to come here every day and check out what you're doing and the pretty things you're wearing-- I'm really out of time because of my new job and college stuff. I hope you forgive my absence. I'll try to comment on the weekends ;) I love your blog! I'm also following on Twitter (mine is @laryssetavares).

    I hope you get better and find time to relax and sleep A LOT! Hahaha. You're brave, you rock! Still an inspiration for me!

    Kisses, darling! Have a great weekend!

    Muito Igual a Você

  12. I love it! Great look! And also the background and colours are beautiful!

    xx Marije

  13. I hate dressing for rain. things never work out well for me!
    hope you can have a nice relaxing weekend.

    Love you new skirt and your photos - the trees make such a brilliant backdrop!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. These pictures are beautiful. It still looks like fall where you love. I love the simplicity of your outfit and the colour combination is just perfect. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Jen.

  15. Love this outfit and the photos on the bridge! So pretty and festively autumn. :)


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