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My Photographers: Home Edition

My Homeboy
I've known Jim since he moved to Jersey in 7th grade.  He's one of my best friends and I can look like complete crap around him and not give a damn. We've had our numerous ups and downs but we made it through them all and I don't know what I'd do without him. He goes to college in NYC so I don't see him often but whenever we're home he always offers to take pictures for me. During the summer we even went on trips to different areas around NJ just to discover new locations for my pictures. For example, he was with me when we drove out to some electrical towers for photos, to a nearby valley, and to sketchy areas in our town (including where he is in this picture that you'll recognize from this post). He'll probably kill me for choosing this picture to post, but I just wanted to show you guys how silly he is. During this photo shoot, he sang "A Whole New World" the whole entire time (both Aladdin and Jasmine's parts - making his voice two octaves higher for Jasmine).

 My Wadsworth
I've also known Kirsten since 7th grade (I seriously made some amazing friends that year, didn't I? :P) and she's got the most amazing sense of humor. I can be completely weird around her and not feel stupid. I don't see her as often as I'd like but when I do we always have an amazing time. I'm glad we were able to stay just as close even when we went our separate ways in college. Over the summer we went on a few adventures and got some gorgeous photos wherever we went. We often went to the beach, which is where this photo of her is from (you'll recognize it from this dynamic duo post). Oh, and she always has the best sunglasses, if you couldn't already tell.  ♥

Tripod Number Two
So I did not know this sexy piece of plastic since 7th grade (unfortunately) but he's still there for me through thick and thin. He even takes my pictures when it's raining out as you can see from the rain droplets upon his onyx-colored frame (from this post). The tripod I featured in my last post broke in the middle of the summer since it was about 10 years old so I bought Donald as a replacement. I think I should stop featuring my tripod(s) in my photographer posts since they seem to steal the spotlight...maybe? Unless you guys demand more of Donald from now on (I wouldn't blame you guys). But Donald really is my main man when it comes to taking pictures at home.

But now that I've covered all my photographers (both at college and at home), from now on you'll see what they're wearing only if they've recently accompanied me on a photo shoot (specifically in the past month since this is most likely a tri-weekly feature). You'll more easily (and quickly) recognize the photo shoot location from recent blog posts. :)


  1. HAHA Jim seems like such a fun guy to be around :) and Kristen has such an amazing smile!! Woohoo friends are the best, and then... there was Donald. What a fine piece of work he is ;) All chiseled and obviously a ladies man.

  2. wow.. i love the fact that you're still so much in touch with your old friends!!! i miss mine from back home.. :(

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  3. **lol about the tripod!!! xD xD
    how lucky you are have the best friends and lovely friends since you're 7th grade like them. :) :)
    lovely posttttt anw!!! ^^

  4. this is such a great post ;)
    it's awesome to hear you talk about your friends I can tell how much they mean to you ;)
    hope your having a great sunday!

  5. hahah aw this is cute :)
    hilarious picture of your friend jim!

  6. jim seems so funny person..say hi to him from me, haha
    finally we know who's take a photos of you jen..


  7. awww! This was so sweet! I love the pictures! That first one made me laugh!

  8. I LOVE this post. Fun to give some credit to the photographers, and it's nice for us to see the people (or tripods!) behind the lens!!!

    Nice that you have such great friends!!!!

  9. Wooow you're so lucky jen having photographers like them :D

  10. btw, i think you're pretty awesome. :)


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