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Guest Post: Kirsten of Kirstasaurusrex

Official disclaimer: I am NOT a fashion blogger.

But, as Jen's unofficial home-photographer/personal stalker of JennifHsieh, I'd like to think I picked up a thing or two when it comes to "fashion". I've always been a fan of her style, and lately I've found that it's been subconsciously sneaking into my own wardrobe choices. For instance, take the skirt I'm wearing. I found it in H&M and fell in love, took it home, paired it with a mustard cardigan, and gave myself a pat on the back for coming up with such a cute outfit on my own. That is, until I was skimming through old entries of Jen's and I realized I had seen this post only a few days before I bought the skirt. Yes, that is the exact same skirt. Oops. So for this post, I purposely drew inspiration from this outfit Jen created for a little adventure we had Thanksgiving weekend. (Note: I've had that sweater for years. No, it was not another subconscious imitation, I swear!)

Mossimo Sweater
H&M Corduroy Skirt
Xhiliration White Tights
Belt gift from JennifHsieh
Merona Jacket
Marc Fisher Boots
Scarf c/o my mother :)
Hat handmade by my aunt

Usually my family spends the holidays in Jersey, but this year we traveled out to Chicago to visit my aunt for Christmas. I bribed my younger brother with promises of chocolate to visit the roof of my aunt's apartment building to snap these pictures. On a clear day you can see the Chicago skyline pretty clearly, but unfortunately we had a White Christmas and had to put up with a foggy view of the city. (Fun Fact: I wasn't disappointed with the White Christmas at all.)

Hope you all had a safe and happy holidays and thanks for reading!

Note from Jen: You guys should check out Kirsten's Tumblr and follow here there! ;)


  1. love the pics!you look so great :) amazing colours.

  2. It's funny how being around people so much can influence how we talk and dress and other little things. I can definitely see the Jen-style in this! :) I love that skirt and your hair is so super wavy and mermaid-like (snow mermaid? I think yes).

  3. love the sweater! So nice on you :)Irene Wibowo


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