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We Sing Along, But the Notes Are Wrong

I've never been a very religious person. I grew up without knowing the definition of religion and I didn't know what it meant to believe in something greater than what was right in front of me. This doesn't mean I wasn't spiritual though. I grew up listening to my mom's ghost stories and visiting the occasional temples to bless our ancestors. But to me, that didn't mean anything besides acknowledging that the people that paved the trail before me allowed me to live the life I live today. In a way, I'm glad I grew up without set religious beliefs because it allowed me to decide for myself as I was gradually exposed to all the religions in the world. To this day, I consider myself an agnostic but I still open myself up to what could possibly be. I love being able to experience so many religions through the people I surround myself with and taking a little bit of each with me.

This past week I found myself (sort of) celebrating both Passover and Easter. I've celebrated Passover before since my boyfriend is Jewish; this time around though, I went to my friend Rachel's house for their Passover Seder. It's tradition for the adults to hide a part of the matzo (the afikoman) at the beginning of the meal for the kids to find at the end of the meal. One of the reasons, my friend's dad explained, was to keep the kids interested throughout the Seder. I ended up being the one to find the afikoman, cleverly hidden in a bookshelf (beginner's luck) and, since we're not children anymore, I took home a six-pack of beer as the prize.

On Sunday, I found myself grabbing some brunch with a friend at Fetch Bar & Grill and I decided to dress up in the spirit of Easter Sunday. It was nice walking up and down the streets of New York and seeing so many families in their Easter outfits. If you're ever in the mood for brunch though, definitely hit up Fetch - they give out complimentary bread with their famous strawberry butter, which is to die for, and it's unlimited. I could sit there for hours and just gorge myself in that butter, let me tell you.

How did you guys spend your weekend?

Forever 21 Denim Jacket
Audrey 3+1 Backless Dress (similar, similar)
OASAP Black Shoulder Bag
Ruffle Flats c/o Pink & Pepper

And in case you're a little bit skeptical, the giveaway below this post isn't an April Fool's joke. ;)


  1. omg all the easter outfits were fantastic. we walked around for a few hours on sunday and the nyc families really just hit a fashion homerun. some seriously looked like a page out of a fashion magazine.

  2. that dress is fab!!! :D love the dark indigo/blue color!! :D

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  3. Stop being so adorable and pretty! This reminds me that I need a light wash denim jacket in my life! Your weekend sounds amazing! :) I'll reply to your email during class tomorrow most likely >:)

  4. Love how you dressed down the cute floral with the denim jacket - and congrats on finding the matzoh!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Your dress is beautiful! The colour, the print and the way it moves are all fabulous. I love your open mindedness with respect to all the different religions and our existence. You are very wise. I love that you always look happy and I love your taste in dresses too.

  6. I love your paragraph about religion! I'm a new subscriber and now a permanent & loyal follower!

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  8. You look fantastic in that dark blue color. Also, I admire that you talk so candidly about a subject (religion) that is often off-limits and/or private. Your time out with friends sounds wonderful.
    Happy Holidays/weekend.

  9. my family isn't very religious either (almost catholic?), and i grew up with lots of ghost stories too lol. i think it's great to have the chance to explore different holidays and traditions. and how cool that you got to celebrate both passover and easter! :)

    i like how the denim jacket makes the dress/tights look a little casual. so cute!

    erica | sweets + hearts

  10. love your jean jacket! its perfect! I want one like that. :)

  11. Oooh, I'm not religious either, but yeah, I'm still pretty superstitious and stuff, hee hee. Ghost stories, yep. I think it's always cool exploring other religions, though, and that's lovely that you were able to celebrate passover and easter! More power to ya. :D

    I adore that dress so much! I kind of want to reach out and feel the fabric, heehe.

  12. you look different! you mostly use coat for your post, now you use denim jacket, how fab xx

  13. I love this dress, such a lovely pattern on it and absolutely perfect with the denim jacket. Sounds like a good weekend, and it's always interesting to take part in things that are outside your comfort zone

  14. I love the blue roses print on your dress! Sounds like you got to celebrate in multiple ways, which to me is the best!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    xo Hannah

  15. 1. Free beer and matzo? Score!
    2. You have so many clothes!
    3. Take me to Fetch so I can try this mythical butter.

  16. You look so cute with your hair up like that! I love it! I spent the weekend at my grandparents' house where I ate brandied apricots. Totally glorious.

  17. i just saw this link in the FT group and got distracted reading it. i found it interesting to hear how you were raised, and your religious beliefs now, it's always interesting to hear when you see someone's blog and really have no idea. i grew up christian until i was about 10, and then my dad became buddhist, but my family never really pushed any beliefs on us. and this dress is really darling!


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