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I Wanna See You Work Out For Me

You guys, just thinking about writing this post is cracking me up. I've never been into exercising and my idea of working out was clicking the remote control or reaching for an extra handful of snacks. In my younger days (I know, I know, I'm still young), my fast metabolism had my back and I never had to watch what I ate. All my friends knew that one day it would catch up to me and hey, look at that, it's starting to slow down.

Now that I'm living on my own, I often sacrifice eating healthy for eating cheap. Living in New York City means the majority of my paycheck goes towards my rent and public transportation; what I eat and how much I eat is the least of my worries. So this spring is the first time I found myself in the "beach body" mindset. For the most part I'm not focused on losing weight - my priority is just to feel good about myself. Knowing that I'm taking care of myself helps me stay in a positive attitude, especially when things gets really stressful at work or in my personal life.

Forever 21 Sports Bra
Authentic Shorts c/o Soffee
Champion Sneakers via Payless ShoeSource

I set aside an hour every evening to do some simple exercises using my trusty YouTube videos. Being on a budget, I'm extremely reluctant to join a gym and I trust in my own determination to stay motivated. Since I'm only starting to get into an exercise groove, I take it easy by starting with a Zumba Class led by a guy with an Australian accent. Let's be real, the accent sold me within the first few seconds. After cooling down for a bit and rehydrating, I'll top it off with a 10-minute ab workout which leaves me pretty exhausted (and hungry).

When I first started to work out, I have to admit I was excited to invest in some decent gym clothes. And as that thought entered my mind, the universe turned into J. Cole and was like "I wanna see you work out for me, work out for me", and Soffe offered up a pair of gym shorts for me to review! Let me tell you guys, I love Soffe. I remember when I got my first pair in high school and I decided for everyone else that I was officially the coolest person in my gym class. Did anyone else associate popularity with Soffe shorts? Just me? Probably. But I know I'll be rocking these during my YouTube work out sessions. They will always remain the most comfortable and affordable gym shorts known to mankind (aka me). Who else owns a pair?


  1. Yay for you, Jen! That's awesome that your gettin' healthy. :D It's the best thing you can do for yourself, especially when you're young.

    Healthy food does cost a lot... I just got back from shopping and I buy clean stuff and unfortunately a lot of it does tend to get pricy--10 apples a week for $18?! Ridiculous, but I love them so... sigh.

  2. I'm impressed! I like your idea of watching or listening to YouTube videos while exercising. I rarely exercise and I need to -regularly. I'm way out of shape (and old). I love your exercise outfit - the Forever 21 sports bra and the cute comfy shorts from Soffe. I have plenty of excuses for not exercising - I always do, but I like your idea a lot. Comfy workout clothes would be nice. Maybe I could even exercise in them - just don't expect me to be as brave as you are and post pictures of it :D The eating healthy part is important too. Maybe it's time I took a break from all the easy microwaved stuff , used some fresh veggies and the blender or a juicer once in a while. I don't own a Soffe outfit (yet). Must. Remember. Beach. Weather. :)

  3. up top, Jen! *highfive* :D
    I'm on my way to get a "summer-beach-body" too, it has been almost one month I guess, still long long away. You may check Befit and BexLife on Youtube, they're awesome! Good luck, Jen! I saw your abs there :P


  4. Good for you with getting to feel good about you and your body!

    I'm beginning to think about getting more in shape for summer too...

  5. i love that you also use youtube for your "gym". have you checked out tracy anderson's workouts on youtube yet? you'll be in pain for days!

  6. So cool! So glad you're getting into working out and feeling good :] I've been meaning to write a post about my workout routine/what I wear when I work out for quite some time and I think I'll work up to it soon enough. Cute!

  7. i used to be real good about going to a bootcamp class but i have been slacking lately!!! i need to do some workouts at home!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. Stop it, you're making me want to start exercising, if only so I can get a bangin' bod like you, girl. Seriously though I think it's so awesome that you're working out for yourself and getting fit! You're inspiring me.

  9. You're looking great!!! I absolutely love these shorts, I think I need a pair now! I really love working out, I actually have to force myself to take days off because i love pushing myself, but that can easily lead to injuries. I think it's awesome you watch youtube videos thats such a great idea!!

  10. and hour workout wow that is great!! thanks for the links, I'm always on the search for a good fun workout like the zumba one because it's too easy to come home from work exhausted and then i always remember an hour later working out will pick me up. & you look awesome & super fit! your room looks super cute too on a side note.

  11. Very inspiring! I guess I'll do the 10-minute ab workout. :D

  12. These are really an awesome tips that you have given I must perform these tips while workout and i love your short and it's color.It seems that it is really comfortable to wear especially while workout.


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