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The Hype Surrounding Cronuts

Today, I ate a cronut. That's right, a cronut. What's all the cronut hype about? About a month or two ago, the Dominique Ansel Bakery in Soho released their latest creation, the cronut, which is essentially half doughnut, half croissant, and 100% incredibly delicious. If you live in New York City you've most definitely heard of it, dreamed of it, or had the fortune to snatch one up for yourself.

Due to all the hype, my co-worker and I woke up early enough to meet at the bakery at 6:45 am. By the time we arrived, the line was already around the corner despite the fact that the bakery doesn't open until 8 am. It was such a struggle. Once the doors opened and the line started moving, it still took us an hour to get to the entrance of the bakery and by that time I had to run to the subway to make a client meeting. Yes, that means after waiting over two hours, I left the line empty handed without even stepping foot inside the bakery. Just let that sit in your hearts for a little bit and feel my pastry heartbreak.

But since the world is full of amazing people, the woman standing behind us (who we bonded with for a little bit) convinced my co-worker to allow her to buy two cronuts for me since she already had her family with her (and each person was limited to a total of two). So when I got back to my desk a few hours later, lo and behold, there were two beautiful cronuts waiting for my growling stomach. Faith in humanity? Absolutely.

Pretty sure I'm still drooling from my first bite.


  1. Oh my goddd those cronuts look AMAZING!!!!!!
    Great blog :)
    I'm already following you on bloglovin, but I just followed you on GFC.
    Thanks so much for stopping by La Dolce Moda if you like, follow too :)


  2. Sounds like they live up to the hype Jen! Gahh I want to tryy!!!

  3. wow!!! that's crazy!! the line up i mean!!!
    I'm hoping to get a taste of it in a couple of months probably when i plan on visiting nyc. we'll see.. hopefully, by then the lines wouldn't be this crazy!!! hahaha!

  4. i have been wanting to try one for months now...but i HATE waiting in line for anything! but oh my, they look so amazing!

  5. looks amazing! I only just heard about them today but have heard about the ridiculous lines!

  6. Oh wow, I've only heard about such 'cronuts' from you today! Sounds like bizarre yet no doubt delicious invention!

    The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

  7. I can't believe there was such a long line to get into a bakery! Those cronuts do look delicious though.. but still XD

  8. All these people are lining up for cronuts?! WTF!
    (but if i lived in NY, i would probably do the same thing lol). Gah i wanna try it! Too bad we don't have it in Jakarta (yet). We're still hyped over the same damn bubble tea. #doh

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  9. What a crazy type of food. Though I do love croissants, so I can see why this might intrigue ppl.

  10. It's the first time I heard of such thing! It seems good. It's like two of my favorite things in one. I hope bakeries in my place would make such! :D


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