Dark was the Night

H&M White Blouse (similar)
American Eagle White Shorts (similar)
Gabrielle Moc c/o LAMO Footwear
Forever 21 Skinny Belt

Lately, I've found myself at a loss for words. I have 3-4 sets of outfit photos ready to go but since I can I never think of what to write, I let them sit on my memory card to digitally rot and become irrelevant. So here I am, writing a post about not being able to write posts.

Tell me how your day was.

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P.P.S. I know it seems a little silly to have my post title be "Dark was the Night" while I'm wearing enough white to be mistaken as the Michelin man, but it's the current song I'm listening to and it's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

P.P.P.S. And look at that - I found plenty to write about. But still, tell me how your day was.


  1. Finding things to write about can be either really difficult or really easy, so I know that feel, girl. Also--digitally rot, that's nice, that's some nice word-age you made up right there.

    My day was grEAT. Mom n' I went shopping and went out to lunch and hung around all day. First day with no boysssss bc my dad and brother left for a week long trip this morning~ awww yea? Aw yeah.

    Whenever you put your hair up, I love it. Your hair is so cute and versatile, Miss Jen. And I am lovin' the simplicity of your white outfit.

  2. american eagle white shorts!!! my bread and butter! but seriously, I bought a pair maybe three years ago and still wear them like it's my job. and now I own a pair in a bunch of neon colors...wonderful.

    1. These AE shorts are also from years ago - maybe 7 years ago? Still love them (although I'll probably have to abandon them soon - they're getting a bit snug). :P

  3. hahahaha.. i find myself at a loss for words too in my blog. weird thing, though, is in person, i can chat 24/7 non stop. I'm not even kidding. baaah... you're just having one of those weeks probably. in a matter of days something will spring up for you and guess what? you just might be sharing something interesting already.

    loving you in this white outfit. very summer fresh!

    Animated Confessions

  4. Love this simple, minimal look, and your bun is super cute! My day was wonderful- I actually splurged and bought a Marc Jacobs watch which I am in love with! I've been dying to get a designer watch for a while, and I love seeing it tucked into it's beautiful case on my bedside table. I hope your day was great too!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. Once again you are rocking the white so much.

    Will also use Flock Together for a signal boost for you :)

  6. Really cute look. :) <3

  7. I ate a lot of carrots today. Probably too many. And worked. Decidedly too much. I guess today involved an overabundance of "stuff" other than time. August is zooming by...of which I do not approve. :/

  8. Hahaha! It happened to me alot. Sitting down in front of my computer and cannot composed even a sentence. :)

    I am Jenniya

  9. How adorable are you? My day was great. My daughter flew home after hanging out in Florida for the summer. I have missed her terribly and just hanging out and getting back into our regular routine was great. P.S. Those shoes? Love.

  10. simple and gorgeous!


  11. I'm in love with your shoes and hair!


  12. My post from today should be called Dark was the Night because I'm pretty much wearing all black hahaha. Oh how things have changed! Remember when I didn't even really own any black clothes?? But! You look so good in summer whites! I may just have to recreate this but in black haha.


  13. White is very possibly one of those colours I wear very little (next to, somehow, orange.) I have a lot of black though, keeping it in the neutral family? Anyways, I've spent another afternoon practicing driving meep. Hope your week has been well, Jen! xx

  14. Sometimes I find it difficult to craft a title to fit my post too. You needn't be sorry about the title not befitting to your michelin man clothes. And I don't see any michelin man, just a very relaxed white shirt on a chic and chilled lady.

    I'm sure you had lots of fun at Italy as it is a beautiful place. Awww... thank you for your sweet words.

  15. i love the crisp white summeriness of this!

    on the subject of music, have you listened to purity ring? i'm currently OBSESSED. (if the answer is no, i recommend you start with fineshrine and belispeak)

    1. Dude. I love Purity Ring! They were the first act I saw when I went to Bonnaroo this past June. Absolutely incredible. :)


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