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Card Lust Facebook Giveaway

One of my very, very talented co-workers designed Card Lust, a insanely beautiful app that allows you to send virtual cards to your friends through your phone. My favorite thing about it, besides the art that just melts my heart, is the fact that you can set special date reminders within it, so you never miss a birthday or an anniversary. The perfect way to show someone you're thinking about them with a few taps to your phone. I obnoxiously send Jeremy some at completely random times throughout the week. Why? Because I can. 

But, the whole point of this post, is that she sweetly offered up 10 free redemption codes so some of you guys could try it out for yourselves! Head on over to my Facebook page to enter by commenting on the post - it's first come first serve (only open to US residents)

P.S. If you even want to send ME a card...I'm totally game. ;)

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