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The Perfect Vintage Coat

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Jeremy tells me I don't need any more coats but, I think I kind of sort of do. My argument is that I have so many coats since I never throw any out. I'm still wearing coats from my freshman and sophomore year of college! (Plus, the only coat I invested in last year was a mere $11). I know it's about time that I retire the ones that are accumulating fuzz and have ripped pockets, but I'm way too emotionally connected to each and every one of them. Maybe I'll find myself donating the ones that are still lovable before this winter kicks in. 

But enough about my coat habits - just because I won't be investing in a new coat anytime soon doesn't mean I can't keep my eyes out for one. One of my newest sponsors, Rice and Beans Vintage, has the most beautiful collection of vintage, designer coats. The best thing about the majority of these coats is that they are made of out wool, which means you'll conquer those wintery wind chills. The styles are unique (opt out of blending into a crowd of black peacoats) and the silhouettes are refreshing. Now I'm craving a swing coat for myself, or a coat similar to the Yves Saint Laurent piece with a masculine blazer silhouette. 

What kind of coats are you guys loving or craving this season? 


  1. I'd love something like the Lilli Ann swing coat, in an unexpected color. If only I could pull off lemon yellow. . .

  2. I love that plaid swing coat! It could be argued that I own too many coats for desert dweller but they are hard to resist :)

  3. Such an awesome photo collage! So pretty - who ever says you need to get rid of coats?

  4. Auction them off to fans of your blow drying video!

  5. I LOVE the first one!

  6. these really are some beauties! i love the cream colored one w/ the collar on the bottom. and i'm w/ Lisa. i really prob dont need a single coat but i cannot resist when i see an amazing bargain and a beautiful vintage coat.
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