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Kate Spade Fall 2014 Presentation

To kick off my mini-New York Fashion Week in the world of Jen, I took an hour off work to stop by the Kate Spade Fall 2014 presentation. I remembered falling in love with their Spring 2014 collection so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed this time around either. And guest what? I wasn't. Can we talk about all those details? From the miniature bows on the pumps to the crystal beading and feathers on that top. Not to mention fall is my favorite season, so I can never get enough of seeing coats on coats on coats.

The Fall 2014 collection was inspired by Deborah Lloyd's recent travels to Asia (and for those of you who don't know, she's the CCO of Kate Spade New York). In Asias, there's a strong emphasis on preserving and respecting their history and their past; however, at the same time they're so focused on developing new technologies in a way where they can both co-exist. The designs above are specifically focused on her inspirations from Shanghai. To quote Lloyd, "In Shanghai, surrounded by skyscrapers, you see the world through the smoky haze of a bygone era on the bund - shades of deco beige, rose, jade, orient red, and empress blue." But more importantly you guys, the handbags are absolute show stealers. Now if only the Chinese take-out box purse came with some chinese food already packed inside, amirite?

The remainder of the season's collection focused in on inspirations from Tokyo. Explains Lloyd, "In Tokyo, it's the high speed flashes of color - electric blue, metropolis green and shocking pink - popping out against grey, black and porcelain." The bright purples and greens were my absolute favorite and I couldn't help but take one too many photographs of those looks. It's inspiring me to try out richer, more vibrant colors once the weather starts warming up again. It doesn't always have to be about neutrals in my closet, I guess. ;)


  1. Some of the clothes aren't my favorite (socks and gold shoes? meh...), but it's really cool that you get invited to these things!

  2. I love the purses- so whimsical, though I always wonder if they are very practical. So fun you get to see this in person.

  3. omg jen! love love love this! thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

  4. OMG all the details!! I'm in love! I especially am swooning over the shoes with the tiny bows!
    Sincerely, Sara

  5. Ohhh, so prettyyyy! Kate Spade has been killing it lately--I like their spring presentation a lot as well. It must be amazing to be in New York this week!

  6. everything I could want in a Kate Spade collection, holyyyyy cow.

  7. the bags and shoes!!! kate spade never fails to set out unique charming pieces! :D

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