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Sore Calves and Unfortunate Bruises

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This past Saturday was abnormally beautiful to the point of being strangely uncomfortable. The sun was beaming down and blessing us with temperatures in the high 50's. This also happened to be the day that I went skiing in upstate New York.

At first I was pretty pumped to go skiing without a heavy jacket and being able to strip away layer after layer until it felt like I was skiing in early spring. Then once we hit the slopes and started seeing patches of mud peaking out from under a thin layer of snow, I realized perhaps it would be better suited if it was ten degrees colder. But regardless, we made the best of the slope conditions and still walked (or limped) away with a good number of bruises and sore ass calves. But now I'm back to bundling up; who knows though, I'm pretty sure this bipolar weather will end up throwing us back to temps in the 60's in no time. it weird that I'm a little upset that winter didn't get enough time in the spotlight?


  1. LOL I'm with you! I usually don't like the cold but I'm a bit sad that the whole season went by in the blink of an eye! Well, except for that one week when it was blisteringly frigid outside!

  2. Hahaha, skiing really gets your calves really bad, but it's so fun and I hope that the winter isn't fully over just yet since I'm going skiing next week again!
    Xx Agnes | AgnesLowerot

  3. We had snow a day or two, and it only lasted 10 sec. :c
    Anyway you look lovely as always c: xx Ice Pandora

  4. Hello, mustard skirt, my old friend! I want your blanket scarf, I was going through my closet the other day and I realized I don't have any decent scarves. Some cowls and a couple of lightweight scarves but that's it. Terrible.

    Fuck winter, imo. I feel semi warm today and I hope the temperature doesn't plummet again. It's too good an excuse not to shoot outfits for me.

  5. You are ridiculous photogenic, Jen. I'm a little disappointed at the shortness of winter, too. But I'm from a desert climate so I always want more winter. Also, skiing is a blast! Worth the sore calves and bruises. =]

  6. i know what you mean with winter.. even my cold city here had a hard time keeping up with winter activities (our river didn't freeze on time for the skating trail opening and the ice show didn't have enough ice blocks on January, so they had to transport some from outside the city).

    but with that being said, i can't wait for warmer temps!!!

    and your outfit here totally gives off autumn vibes.. loving the warm undertones!!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions


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