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The Suburban Life

Volcom Olive Green Hat (similar), Forever 21 Ribbed Peach Tank (similar, similar), Urban Outfitters BDG Button Shorts (similar, similar), Zeal Flats c/o Blowfish Shoes, Ellen & James Round Rattan Basket Bag

Jeremy and I spent this past weekend back in our home state of New Jersey visiting old friends, visiting old stomping grounds, and visiting family for Father's Day. Being away from the city and having access to a car made us regress to our fast food eating, trashy radio station listening, couch potato selves. Actually, that's mostly me and Jeremy just played along with it all like a good sport. He appreciated being able to sleep in as opposed to me trying to wake him up at ungodly hours on the weekends to take advantage of all the happenings around the city. 

Even though my family moved to California a few years ago, so I wasn't able to celebrate Father's Day with my compadres, we still stopped by my old hometown to grab some photos. Back when I started my blog I used to drag my trusty tripods to remote locations like this one (where the only weird stares I got were people driving by). Whether it was between electrical towers, the yard of a recently demolished house, or, for some really weird reason, construction vehicles...I would get creative within my predictable suburban neighborhood. And while Jeremy was my human tripod for this shoot, taking photos back here brought back all those old memories of working so hard on this blog and putting so much effort into keeping it exciting and interesting. Sometimes I feel like I've lost the same energy and passion into this little space I've crafted for myself on the internet - perhaps it's getting a full-time job and being in the real world - but it's the little bit that remains that doesn't let me say goodbye to it. 


  1. I totally feel the same way... I wish I had the passion I had when I first started my blog, and as much as I've tried, I don't think I'll ever truly get back there. There was just something so special about those early days! But I still do love it; so of course I'll never give it up (at least for now). :)

  2. ah.. the good ole trusty tripod! every since I got a human tripod like you, I have abandoned my tripod as well. and like you, I used to venture to remote locations as well. not sure how I got that drive and passion. definitely need to come back to that energy.

    you look absolutely adorable as per usual, Jen

    The Sweetest Escape


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