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I Could Be the One to Set You Free

The weather is still pretty chilly in New York City but there will be random days, here and there, where the sun decides to come out and play. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather this past weekend, I woke up early to venture out to my little sanctuary on Ward's Island. It's been a while since I crossed the bridge behind my apartment and spent time sitting near the rocks that lined the island. Either the winter winds and snow kept me indoors or the tide rose too high and swallowed the rocks in its embrace.

H&M Beige Sweater
Joe Fresh Gray Gingham Top (similar)
Express Denim Shorts (similar)
India Boots c/o Blowfish Shoes

I've been really stressed these past few weeks, both in my personal life and at work, so this mini-adventure was much needed. Taking self-portraits always brings me back to my first summer as a style blogger. It was the first time I didn't have my college boyfriend (at the time) to snap my daily pictures; I was also too shy to ask my family or friends to be my photographers. I grew to love those moments where it was just me, my camera, and my tripod, and I could escape the outside world, if only for a few minutes.  I could be anyone I wanted to be in front of the camera and sometimes that's exactly what I need. A moment to just be myself - truly myself.


  1. Such a lovely post! Both the words and the pictures. Love those boots, too, and the way you wore them. Beautiful.

    - Lix

  2. These pictures are beautiful!


  3. You're so freakin' talented...never ceases to amaze me

  4. I love how your outfit looks like the landscape and vice versa. Love the look. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  5. Hell yes, shamelessly self takes :P
    I do that too lol, I love the first
    picture where all the focus lies on
    the shoes!


  6. great post! hope you have a fantastic (and stress free) weekend!!! :)

  7. This, I think, is my favorite photoshoot so far from you! Especially the first shot- and the book shot- and-well, you see.

    The outfit is great too. Understated and effortless yet put-together.

  8. lovin this casual outfit and the boots!
    its great that you find the sun occasionally. in Macau right now, it's always dull and humid, and the sun never comes out. hopefully the weather gets better soon.
    anyway you look amazing as per usual!

    xo, Carla

  9. your boots!!!! *.*

  10. These photos are seriously amazing, I love that you went on a little adventure to take them, that's really awesome. I tend to lack the patience for self portraits. I love this casual look, absolutely perfectly layered and those boots!!!

  11. Aw, Jen! What a nostalgic little post. I'm glad you got a snippet of time to take an adventure alongside some some nice selfies. Look at you, being all hipster and reading an antique book in the woods. ;) You're precious!


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