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So Nice We Biked It Thrice

Abercrombie & Fitch White Knit Sweater (similar, similar), H&M Burgundy Corduroy Short Overalls (similar, similar, similar), Loeffler Randall Perforated Leather Backpack (similar), American Apparel White Thigh Highs (similar), Converse White Canvas Sneakers (similar)

And the third time's a charm.
I will never get sick of biking along the Old Croton Aqueduct trail; nothing compares to the feeling you get as you obnoxiously zip past joggers, dog walkers, and hikers, ringing your annoying little bike bell, as yellow leaves fall into your path and the brisk, fall breeze smacks you hard in the face. But seriously, I love all of these things combined and they bring me immense amounts of joy. Even annoying all the locals trying to enjoy a nice, peaceful walk, because I'm an asshole.

Every year I always get a bit too wrapped up in the "fall-ness" of it all and come prepared in a fall outfit to rival all my other fall outfits (2013, 2015). And every year, the bike rental man tilts his head in confusion as I walk in, ready to hit the trails in dresses, skirts, and/or heels. At least I wore "pants" this time around as well as some sort of sneaker. I'm trying, you guys...trying so hard to be practical.

This is the first year we actually made it from Dobbs Ferry all the way to Tarrytown, which requires biking along some busy roads as the trail is interrupted by houses and roads. It was worth the extra hassle (and extra bruises) to grab some $3 hot dogs from Lubins-N-Links that were loaded up with toppings that would make you cry. If you're ever in the area, ditch the fancy artisanal restaurants for these dogs. Woof.


  1. OMG your outfit is uberrr cute for Fall dear!! I love it and the Fall leaves behind you are so pretty. I'm so jelly cause in LA, we dont get a lot foliage here since we only have like one season year round.


  2. Beautiful photos! You look so cute in this outfit! :) xx

  3. So stunning.. I am in love with your style! I am completely in love with your blog, keep up the wonderful work pretty gal! x

  4. Oh wow! These photos are so autumn-lovely! I love your bike as well!

  5. Fantastic look and photos Jen! So cool, girly and whimsical! Thank you so much for the inspiration and wishing you an amazing week!

  6. omg these photos are stunning!! the outfit you wore matches the scenery perfectly!

  7. your rock those knee high socks like no other
    I will look downright ridiculous in them

    beautiful photos, Jen!

    The Sweetest Escape

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those overalls. I keep meaning to get myself a pair, but they all seem to fit weirdly on me. The search continues.

    The foliage in this post is insanely beautiful.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) ▲ Lumière & Lens


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