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A Week in California

It's still an adjustment for me, a few years later, to remember that I no longer have a home in New Jersey to go back to. So every time I visit my parents' new home in the Californian suburbs, I make the effort to just wander around the town, looking for little areas to photograph like I used to in Jersey. When I went to visit this past January, I managed to come across a little fence literally just off the side of the road along a new development (they're building like crazy over on the West Coast) and screeeeched the car to a stop in order to grab some shots. Worth it.

Our second day in California, my dad planned for us to make a day trip out to Half Moon Bay (apparently it's soon to be taken up by tech bros in the next couple of years). We grabbed some sweet, sweet seafood over at Sam's Chowder House, with views overlooking the bay, and then walked along the Half Moon Bay Jetty during low tide. Felt like a scene out of a Rom Com wearing my black midi dress and this cozy knit sweater from Tobi.

Gave my Presence Tee some love on our third day in California, which started off super slow and involved a lot of detours as we looked for hiking areas nearby that weren't blocked off by construction. Then we just ate a lot of food and lounged around like a bunch of bums. More days need to filled with absolutely nothing.

The next day we paid a visit to UC Berkeley and wandered around the campus grounds, taking in the incredible architecture and the grounds, which featured big ass plants like the one I'm hiding behind. I affectionately call them dinosaur plants because I'm pretty sure these were around in the prehistoric ages. This look was definitely my favorite of the bunch - do you ever have an outfit that just feels 110% like you? This was one of those outfits.

On our second to last day, I made Jeremy and my parents grab lunch at In-N-Out burger to confirm that Shake Shack is indeed better (although to be fair, I don't think they should be compared  because they are NOT in the same realm). We got some shitty fries covered in crap and deliciously cheap burgers - same as always. Then my dad decided to surprise us and drive us all to The Mystery Spot - insert ooh's and aah's (read more about it and shop the look in this post).

On our final day in California, we made the trek up to San Francisco and spent a day in the city, which was a bit nostalgic because I lived on the outskirts of San Francisco for two years when I was much younger. It's the first time I've been back with my parents since the age of 7. We wandered around Chinatown in search of bubble tea and then made the drive up to the fog-covered Golden Gate Bridge. I'm already itching to go back again next year and these concrete streets of New York City have me dreaming of California vibes and sunshine.

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